What a dream

a dream came true.


6. 6.

"ruth? are you in there? is everything okay?" louis asked through the door. i wanted to push harry away and answer but he wrapped his arms just closer around me and kissed me harder. suddenly his tounge sliped into my mouth. i moaned half of suprise and half of pleasure. i never imagined a kiss could feel like that.

"ruth? everything okay?" louis said louder and rattled the doorknob. harry giggled and let go off me.

"can't be quiet, hm?" his eyes glared at me with a big smirk. louis is still trying to come in. so why not open the door until he'll destroy it? oh right. i walked towards the door and opened it. harry pulled me back in the same moment, thankfully. at once louis smashed against the door but it was already opened by me and so he just ranned into the sofa and fell over it. seriously does the rooms all look the same!?

"lou! no need to hurry bud." harry laughed. i shouldn't think that it was funny but. i needed to laugh. louis jumped up and glanced angrily to me.

"that's not funny! i was worried about you, ruth. who knows what he could have done to you sister. i am needed to look after you" he started smirking "and protect you from bad lads like harry!" even if it was a joke i blushed a little "bad lads like harry" whoops. hopefully he dont notice my red lips...

"haha she's your little sister? but you have so many. don't you think you should tell your parents to stop." he laughed.

"well i can't have enough!" he sighed theatrically " but you have none. so you'll never understand."

"i think he would be an horrible big brother." i said seriously.

"why?" both asked synchronus. "uhmm.." because every girl would rather fall in love with you.

"because she would be annoyed of all the girls you bring home." i said smirking. hopefulyy he say something like "what girls?" please!

"well you are right little one." louis nodded at me. "i just have eloulor. and she hopefully will stay forever with me." he stood there love starring in the air. harry blushed a little as he noticed my shocked and sad face.

"but thats just because i haven't found the right girl until jet! and at all it wasn't THAT much girls..."he mumbled.

"oh harry. you can tell that to the marines." louis joked. not knowing how much it hurted.

"hey uhm...lads i'm curious could we go to the others now?" i asked as cool as i can. i rely want to meet the others. i even have no idea how much time is left until the concert now. it feels like i'm in here for ages.

"oh you're right i shouldn't hide you. they will love you. the first one already stole you so i wont let you go a second time." he smiled and hold his arm out to mine. we linked our arms and he guided me like a gentlemen through the hallways. how can't they get lost?

"how do you guys manage that and keep track to all these hallways?" i asked. both boys looked at me like i was a cute little puppy.

"isn't she cute?" louis asked harry. he nodded.

"that wasn't my question!" i said sulky.

"awwwwww. she's so lovely!" harry cheered.

"forget about it." i let go of louis and i left both behind. i turned into the next hallway left.

"ZEEENN!" a voice with an irish accent screamed upset. "DID YOU ATE MY CHOCOLATE?" hihi niall and his food. a few moments later the blonde guy stormed  past me. then he froze. he slowly turned his head to me. just standing there in shorts. its even nicer than all those pictures..let me check his eyes-...wow. he blushed as he followed my eyes.

"oh. uhm... hey." he stumbled. rubing his neck with his hands. he  realy was embarrassed. cute

"hi." i smiled and held my hand out."i'm ruth" he smiled and squeezed my hand until he placed his lips onto it and made a deep bow.

"pleased to make your acquaintance. my name is Niall" he said graceful. i giggeled. he's much cuter than i expected.


**hope you like that chapter :) if you have some tips or anything just comment :D thanks for reading :)

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