What a dream

a dream came true.


4. 4.

"okay?" i smiled. i have no idea how to react on this.

"fire away lou!" he smirked as i said lou.

"no longer william?"

"no. what do you wanted to say?" his eyes get soft and he looked to the ground.

"uhm, i guess you want to meet the other boys to? don't you?" is that's what he wanted to say? i guess not.

"i think they dont fancy for seing another fan if they could relax, so what do you wanted to tell me seriously?" he cleared his throat.

"i wanted to ask you if you-" he broke up. he heard sombody walking down the corridor.

"ask me what? com'on lou!" his attention turned back to me he blushed a little. what is going on with him? "ask you if you would also like me as a boyfriend." it blews up in my mind. no, this would be crazy.

"ask you if you'd like to join us guys maybe this evening. and relax a little and stuff...?" he was nervous.

"sure, why not? why did you worry about asking that?" he blushed a little.

"because i wasn' sure if you would like to" my mind threw a thought out.

"Seriously? give me a reason why i would NOT like to hang out with you guys?" he grinned.

"You are right. Why shouldn't  a 16 year old girl want to hang out with a bunch of old lads.?"  he laughed. oh right. i am 16.

"naahhhhh. who cares?!" we both laughed.

"you realy could be my sister, ruth!" he said laughing.

"so when this is clear we should go to the other guys. i mean at all they should like me to!" i stopped. this was so true. What if they don't like me?



sorry for that short chapter but its late and i have school tomorow :/ thank you for reading :D i hope you like it <3

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