What a dream

a dream came true.


36. 33.

I ran in to my roo.

"JEENNN? ARE YOU HOME?" i called as lud as i can through our house.

"Yeah. Already back? how was it are you fine shawn was here and uhh... someone called i forgot the name i guess someone of the boys..."

"Yeah i'm fine you must help me packing! And yeah i knnow everything is fine yet so please hurry up!"

she appeared beeath my while i was throwing my clothes into the smallest BAG i could have found...

"Where are you going?" she asked while folding the clothes she liked and puting them properly into my bag. "and how long?"

"for the rest of the holidays..and no idea where i am going but the more inmportant fact is WHO i am going with?"

"You are touring with one DIrection? not seriously ?! " i shook my head.

"I am going with my boyfriend and his mates." her jaw driópped.


"Niall James Horan." she still had no clue who i was talking about. Wow. best start ever.

"The blonde one." still without a clue.

"You were on that concert or was that  somebody else?" i pulled out my phone showing her a pic of Niall.

"OHH! Awwww. and he is your real boyfriend like forever or more like"holiday-boyfriend"?"

the bag was nearly full i just needed a toothbrush and a comb. i got them while my sister also throw a millions of hairbands into it.

"You will need them. and now ANSWER!"

"Uhh... I hope more like forever...."

"Did you had sex with him?" i shook my head.

"so maybe you are lucky and he feels the same but anyways you shouldn't expect too much. -"

"I won't. I need to go now. Thank you and see you then i'll call when i have time. Can you explain to mom?" she simply nodded and  literally threw me out of the house.

"Go and get him!" she just called after me. I realy have the best sister in the world. i jumped in the bus and i saw bright blue eyes shining bright as i never saw them before. Niall pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek.

"I love you and i will never leave you alone, princess."




***haha i realy finished it... i hope you liked it! Thank you for reading, following and liking my story :D <3

should i make a sequel? <- COMMENT PLEASE :D

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