What a dream

a dream came true.


35. 32.

ruth's pov:

I ran outside the bus i heard shouting from the inside but i just wanted to go to niall. i didn't care for Harry, Liam or Louis. I thought liam and louis would be friends. i thought Louis was kind of like my brother. but he just pretended. he never meant it. i opend the door and found niall eating a sandwich. he gulped and ran towards me.

"Darling?! Are you hungry?" i laughed and nodded. Niall knew how to make me smile and i loved him for this. He gave me his sandwich and i took a bite.

"Hmmm! Delishous!" he nodded and took a bite of it too. while I was holding it.

"Sow now tell me whawft's waf going on there?" he said with half the sandwich in his mouth.

"they haven't even let me speak. i wanted to go and then harry came and told the truth and asked me to forgive him." Niall's expression went through every emotion unsure how to stay.

"Did you?" i shook my head.

"I can't. it-..."

"what? whatever it is you cn tell it to me." he said and smiled reassuring.

"It was my first time." i wasn't sure how he would react. How would i want him to react? i don't know.

"Well. I guess... if you would want to...we...so you would have like a real..." he didn't know how to react.

"Yes. i think this would be great." his face lighted up and he was relived that he hasn't had to talk about it any longer.

"but first i need to ask you a question." i nodded.

"We are infront of your house. now w-, you have two opportunities."

"Okay...?" he gave me a weak smile and his eyes went sad as i gazed out of the window. he thought i wouldn't see him but right as i saw the familiar image of my home i also saw his face.

"and they are?"

"Either you get some pictures and authographs and go home and have experience how it feels like to be-"

"loved and protected" his smile grew weaker and weaker. I couldn'T help but hug him and hold him as tight as i could. i felt some tears roling down his cheeks and fastly wiped them away.

"Don't cry, please." he nodded but doesn't realy looked like he would stop. his eyes went down and he faced the floor to hide another few tears.

"And the other opportunity?" i said and lifted his head back up with my hands.

"Or you go inside and leave everything you love to come with me, the fool who left you without a protection and hasn't even thought of you while you got raped."


*** Should she go with him? Or stay home?

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