What a dream

a dream came true.


34. 31.

ruth's Pov:

I sat there in this huge bus, on my own. Niall was in another bus talking to liam and louis, and Zayn and harry were in another bus. Zayn was completly high but he though found the right words. It was funny as hee came in and just huged me without any reason. i had cried because i just heard liam and Niall arguing what is going to happen with me because Liam said they needed to leave. he just wanted to leave me there alone and told niall to forget about us or more ME. i couldn't belive that Liam has said such thing. i always thought liam would just see the best in people but he hated me though. i didn't know why. i still don't. of course i made Niall feel bad but i had felt much worse. Niall told he forgive me. and he asked me to stay with him. i couldn't help but say yes. I would fly all around the world just to be with him. i never wanted to seperated from him. Like now. the bus wasn't driving very comfortable it was shaking up and down. the street must be very old. i decided to sleep. although it was hard but somehow i managed to get into the bed and fell asleep. 


i woke up by the feeling of someone kissing my forehead. i slowly opened my eyes and saw niall starring at me. but i guess he wasn't actually starring at me, i think he just was lost in thoughts.

"Everything's okay?" i asked. he shook his head shortly and nodded.

"Everything is fine. Darling could you tell me something?" i showed him to sit beside my on the bed. it was smal but two persons perfectly fit. he directly took his arms around me and layed us down.

"of course?"

"Why did you cried in my room as Zayn came?"

"I thought you wanted to leave me. and i was shocked that liam hates me. i thought he liked me."

"he likes you!" i shook my head.

"No he don't like me because he thinks that i'm still cheating on you and just want you because of the fame. he thinks that i'm a bitch"

"no. He don't thinks that. He was mad at you because he thought it was you who wanted to be with both of us and use us. i told him-"

"you told him about harry?" i was scared i don't wanted everybody here to know that. Niall gave me a long look and shook his head.

"I told him that it wasn't like Zayn said, that he think something wrong and that it wasn't you. and that you and me don't want to talk about it. especaily you."

"okay... is he still mad at me?"

"why don't you ask himself? i will come with you and join if you want to?" he wanted to make me feel strong but i also guessed he don't ever want to leave me alone with another guy again. i shook my head and stood up. i left a kiss on his lips and went out to the bus where liam was in. i knocked and louis opened the door he first smiled but stopped himself and his real became a fake smile.

"Wanna come in?" i nodded and gave him a weak smile. i thought he would have faith in me.  he hasn't

liam sat on a sofa, hi eyes were fixed on his phone.

"hi Liam." he looked up and i could clearly see he wasn't sure how to react. He choose the fake friendly way like louis.

"i came here to clear it all up." i said. louis came and sat bside liam and suggested me to sit on the opposite side.

"we listen." Liam's voice was low and calm.

"I love Niall and i never wanted and still don't want to hurt him-"

"But you rather fuck Harry because he is a better lover?" louis interupted. my eyes widend and i shook my head.

"NO!" i nearly cyied but i held my tears back.

"Louis stop it." Liam said without making a move. i swallowed and went on.

"I don't wanted to have sex with Harry. Never."

"except the one time you fucked him?" Liam asked. it hurted.So much.

"NO!" i screamed. and the tears started falling. i hated to cry but i did it so easily but this time i realy held it back. i wanted to be alone. Or with Niall. i stood up and ran towards the door but the door already swung open. it must be niall. i couldn't see anything because i closed my eyes and the tears made me see everything blurred. he hugged me.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?" i frowned and extricate the arms of Harry. i blinked until i realised it was harry who had come.

"Told her the truth. That she fucked you because of the fame." Louis spat.

"I thought you were a nice one but instead you are just nice actress and slut. and now tell me how many guys did you already fucked?" he shoot me down with his words.

"She fucked nobody. I fucked her but she don't wanted me to. But though I had." he gave me an puppy look "I am so sorry. I was drunk and just loved you so much. i WANTED you so much. Please forgive me for doing this to you." he took my hands in his but i fastly removed mine from his. i shook my head and my tears started to stream over my cheeks again. NO

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