What a dream

a dream came true.


3. 3.

it was getting louder. now i could hear some sounds coming out of some doors. and well here are plenty of doors. we were already got into the weird big and SCARRY complicated net of corridors.

"Paul! they are doing it again. and one is missing!" i heard a men with a headset and an complet black outfit jelling.

"don't worry. i'll find them" paul said completly relaxed. now we finaly go into a room. it was emty. just a little brown leather sofa, a mirror and an empty wardrobe.

"could you wait here please,Ruth?" paul asked. " in a few minutes sombody will come here and ask you some questions and bring you to a more comfy room." i just nodded...

"Thank you."

"thank You" i answerd fast before he close the door. he turned around and smiled at me. "you're welcome"

what? where am i?...who will come? what questions? answers shoot into my head. i need to keep calm. i grabbed out my ipod started playing cut the rope and turned on a playlist. it plays Berlin- RY X ... perfect. a very calm song. i sat on the sofa and tried not to sit that comfy so it would'nt look impolite to whoever is going to come into this room.


a few songs later i heard a knock knock on my door i stand up and opend the door. a woman with a loose bun like mine, a black jeans, white top and an blue short cardigan stood infront of me and smiled.

"ruth? hi i am Lucy. how are you? could you follow me while i ask you some questions?"

"uhm yes.. i am fine.. okay" i stumbled while i just nodded. she started walking and i followed her and catch up to her side. she's fast

"so you are a fan of one Direction?" she asked. no, i'm just here because i love being in weird buildings. of cause i do.

"yeah. i love them and their music very much" i answerd politly. I don't wanted to be remembered as the rude girl.

"haha yes i like their music to. What is your favourite song of one direction?" what a silly question. i love all of their songs. if you ask that question to a directioner they will call you at least 3 songs.

"uhm.. i realy like happily and through the dark but their songs in general are nice." Don't be rude!

"Yeah. sorry that was a hard question" she smiled "but as hard as the question who is your favourite one of the boys?" i can't hold back my thoughts

"well at least it is much easier because they have much more songs. and the boys are just five so its way esier to decide" she chuckled a bit and said " well okay thats a point, but who is your favourite if it is so easy?" grrrrr we stopped at a room with open doors. it was empty. how suprising.

"well it's hard though but i think it is louis. not because i want to marry him.

"You don't want to marry me?" a familiar voice shouted. i turned around. it was Louis Tomlinson. he walked towards me and looked angrily at me.

"uhm..i mean..i would rather..uh..b-be your.." he was standing right in front of me. his hair usual wild and untidy. he grinned as he saw me blushing.

"be my what?" he asked.

"your little sister" i answerd as i catch up myself. he smiled and pulled me into a hug. he smell so good. so comfy...awww

"hi little sister ruth" he said. and stepped back and looked into my eyes. and i looked back into his perfect eyes. Don't start to cry now. PLEASE.

"hey bro." i answerd as cool as i can. i chuckled and grabbed my hand.

"thanks for bringing her, lucy. i look for her now." he said and pulled me again into the net of corridors.

"uhm..." i stumbled. he smiled looked at me and answerd

"hm?" i giggled

"how are you?" well you can ask him anything. ANYTHING and you hav nothing better that "how are you"?

"i am great. how are you?"

"i am totaly confused. but except that i guess i am perfect." he grinned cheeky.

"what? you are confused?normaly all girls who meet us just try not to forget breathing." he laughed and i joined.

"haha, well i just try to realize that this is real. i mean today i thought i just would eat my cereal and relax at home. and maybe listen to your voice on my ipod."

"you don't knew about this meeting?" i shook my head.

"it was a suprise. by my mom i guess."

"you have a nice mother"

"are we talking about my mother? i mean i realy meeting you and talk about my mother? wow i always thought i would be more creative. and ask questions like what is your favourite song" i said but it was more to myself that to louis. but he didn't mind at all.

"You are funny. i like you. i think i'm going to adopt you for a day Ruth." he said and smiled like a real gentlemen and opend a door. and lead me in.  Irealy have to stay with sombody.i haven't  noticed the way. i would starve in this building before i get out on my own.

"Wanna drink someting?" louis asked. we was in a dressingroom. in louis dressingroom. there was a big mirrior with a paper with big letters " LOUIS" on it, a little fridge, a big cozy looking sofa, a big wardrobe with a few clothes in it and a bag.

"what do you have?" i asked.

"uhm...let me see... soda, coke, champagne and a bottle beer."

"coke please." he looked a bit to cheeky in my oppinion and added fake sadly

"oh no champagne today, ma'm?"

"no thank's james" i stick out my tounge. "oh wait no you're not james! you are william!" i chuckled. he's soooooooooo nice aww.. and his hair wow my thoughts were drifting. we both laughed and he handed my the little coke bottle. closed. he wanted to start drinking his soda as he realized that he had the same problem. 

"whops. sorry ma'm i forgot." he said while he opened both bottles with each other. without a bottel opener. Nice.

"well done, william" i joked. he grinned.

"ma''m if you don't mention it you could call me louis, it's more familiar" i laughed loud.

"well i need to think about that " i stick out my tounge a little and we both aughed again. 

we drank and joked for a while until he burst out

"i need to tell you someting!"



hi guys i hope you like it until yet :)

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