What a dream

a dream came true.


31. 28.

Niall's Pov

"i thought you did it because you wanted it. i thought you love him. i thought you wanted HIM. i thought you wouldn't love me. i thought i would never see you again!" i said. okay i sobbed more. She was copletly wet. her comlete clothes was dripping from water. and there was also mud and dirt on her. it was my fault. i havn't reacted as i should. now she is back but i guess if i fail another time she will be gone. For EVER. but i want her to stay with me FOR EVER. i wrapped my arms around her weak body and carried her into the shower. she was quiet all the time. i guess she was still in shock and afraid if i would do anything against her.

"everything is okay. i will protect you. Always." i said and her face lit up her grey eyes turned into every colour eyes could have. they looked like a quiet beautiful lake in a forest with the yellow sand sparkeling through it. i could have been lost in her eyes forever.

"i never want to hurt you agian."i am so sorry"i placed my finger on her light blue lips.

"it wasn't your fault at all. it was mine and Harry's. i should have trust you that it wasn't your fault and i shouldn't have let you go." i said lightly and kissed her with all m love. her hands carresed my cheeks and i gently pulled her in my arms.

i turned on the shower and warm water started to fall over us. she looked at me questioning and i answerd with pulling of mine and her clothes.i don't dared to look at her body. i was stil lost in her eyes and her's in mine. when we both were completly naked she started to clean up herself.i did so too and i got out and got her some clothes. she couldn't wear hers any longer. i got her some skinny jeans of mine and my favurite hoddie. i want it to smell like her. yeah, i love her smell. as i was on my way to the bathroom she was still iúnder the shower. i couldn't help but looking at her perfect body. she wasn't skinny at all but she wasn't fat. her waves were ... handy. i liked it that way. i caught myself staring so i laid down my, oh her clothes and went back to my room. i was happy. She was back and she said she loves me. she loves ME and not Harry-. how could he? Touch my girl. he knew that she loves me and not him but though he did that to her? he couldn't realy love her if he do things like that to her. i need to tell it everyone. She is mine and not Harry's. Nobody is allowed to hurt her like this ever again. i heard a knock. i opened the door and saw liam.

"We need to leave in ten minutes."


***wow i realy updated. sorry that it is sooo short and hey by the way, my first real cliffhanger. sorry guys but i will update at least in this week. i have time bc i am ill -> hard headache -.-
love you guys. thanks for reading sharing faving and every like i got :D go on please :D

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