What a dream

a dream came true.


29. 27.

i walked. in the rain. it was like in dramatic love movies. i ran to the station and jumped into the train which just arrived. i drove until my statino came and tryied to shake out all my thoughts. i flelt full of power, weakness and fear. i just wanted to ran into nialls arms, t kiss him and to tell him how much i love him. i already stopped myself from saying into the empty train. my lungs wanted to scream his name. my heart wanted to feel his'. i was totaly inzayn. (yup, inzayn you know ;) ) just that the power of my excitement was just as strong as the one of the fear sitting inside of me screaming he already left and that he will forgot about me. i shook my head. pushed the button to ope the doors and ran out into the cold. but i wasn't even freezing. i was too concentrated on not breaking down at the half of the way. i wasn't fit. i never was god in running for long times and i never will be i guess. after i made half the way i broke down and just hit the ground. i guess ilooked like a total idiot who thought "why not have a sleep, in the rain, on the muddy ground."

yeah. thanks god nobody saw me how i tried to get up again. i failed !!TWO!! times because everything was so slippery. and i am not the clever typ if it belong to stuff like THAT.

i finally reached the doors and slammed against. until i thought about the maybe not be closed at all. They weren't Duh. why so clever today?

i ran into those three net of hallways and immediantly found nialls room. i heard noise. i just opened the door without knocking. why should i suprises are way better?!

niall threw his stuff around. i never thought he would just be so ..aggresiv without any reason. suddenly a lamp passed me. a few inches closer and it would have hit my head. niall turned around and stood there in the middle of his messed up room. he looked at me and all of his anger flew away. he kneeled down put his face in hi hands and started sobbing, crying and tried to say something but all i heard were a few stuttered and also for making it "easier" to understand mumbled fa few words.

"I-I....I thought y-yo" his voice cracked and he staarted crying. i  just sat beside him and wrapped my arms around him.

"shh. I am here With you. For YOU." he lifted his head and looked into my green-grey eyes with his very red ones. the clear oean blue turned to grey.

"A-and...what about..." he stopped.letting out a sob. it was so horrible seeing him like this.

"Harry? Why should i be here for him? he just raped me. i am not keen on seeing him again. and anyways he visited me and he told me he was drunk and said sorry." niall started to breath normaly but there was some anger in his eyes. i think he was angry about me.

"He have done what?"



OMG thanks for reading :D i love you soo much! it makes me so happy that you like this story :D Thank YOU *pointwithmyfingeronyou* :D


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