What a dream

a dream came true.


28. 26. Niall

nialls Pov:

it was one houre before we needed to leave and she still wasn't with us, neither she had answered. it hurted so hard. so i beat harry up for nothing. i thought she'd love me. and i took so much pain on me. it was washed away by her smile, her touch, her everything. maybe she don't wanted to hurt me? but why would she have sex with harry? everything she said sounded so true. Zayn told me everything he heard. he took her in his room locked it and then... tears started to well up. NO. Stop thinking about her. she forgot you already. you should do the same.

a knock appeared through my thughts. i wiped my tears away and opened the door. liam was upset. his hair was messy. too messy.

"What's up?" his eyes were full of disbelive

"Harry is gone." i shook my head.

"No maybe he's still in bed or on toilet or soewhere."

"no his room was empty. no jacket, no wallet, no phone, no harry." huh? where could he be? he know we are leaving soon. what could he do here al-

"Maybe he's with her." my head spat out the thoguht. unable to keep that horrible thought much longer. liam was suprised but nodded after a few seconds.

"I will call him."

"Whatever" i said closing the door infront of his face. i don't wanted to knw about harry. He klilled me. he was the reason why she left. she left for him. she knew what i feel-, felt. i should stop loving her. my phone rang. i jumped towards it and answerd without looking on the number. it must be her. Ruth, please.


"is that ..uh...Niall?" a strange voice asked.

"Yes. Who's that?"

"It's Seth. the friend of Ruth." my eyes widened. she already has a boyfriend. my broken heart was just cracked up in thousands of more pieces. "Oh sorry. no i am just A friend. not her boyfriend."

"o-o-okay." my heart healed back to two pieces.

"Where are you?" what a weird question.

"in my room. in our mansion. so you know that thing where we slept. Why?"

"is Ruth with you?" i furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why The heck should she be with me and not with you? and why are you askinig me? at all why are you calling with her phone when she's not with you? and no. she is not with me but i guess you should ask that little shit called "Friend" or "bandmember" named Harry Fucking Styles?"

"hi niall." a familiar raspy voice answered instead of Seth's.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HER PHONE YOU LITTlE SHIT?" i shouted. i wasn'T even sure why i was so upset. but atleast once again harry was one step further than me. he saw her first, talked with her first,kised her first, fucked her first and now he even knows a friend of her first and where her phone was. i am just the underdog. i was nothing compared to him.

"he won't talk with you. sorry. he just grabbed the phone. i guess ruth is on the way to you. but i'm not sure when she'll arrive. i am worried she was very upset when harry came and as he "excused" she looked at her phone and ran out. without any word." huh? why did he say excuse? what harry had to excuse himself?

"okay. but may i asked what harry had to excuse himself about?" i heard weird noises, like there was somebody fighting usig a phone as weapon. i heard some cracking sounds. some shouting.

"Sorry for this. harry just wanted to grab the phone. but back to your question, i wont answer you that question. i guess ruth will explain everything to you. " then the call was ended.

"what is going on there?" i asked into the room.

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