What a dream

a dream came true.


27. 25.

***sorry for changing it so often. i wasn't happy about how it was going but atleast at teh end is something new ;) thanks for your patience <3 love you guys


i heard a knock. i don't wanted to get up, it was way to early and i doesn't even woke up by myself so who the fuck wanna come to my room now? my mom wasn't at home and my sister sleep much longer then-.

"Seth?" someone called into the flat. oh right i was at ...uh...frank's. so it wasn't a bad dream. it happend. everything.

"comin' " i heard a voice right beside me. i peeked through my eyes and realised seth had slept right beside me on the floor. he carefully took his hand out of mine. he has hold my hand all night through. aww. he got up and left to the door.

"Is she here?" i heard someone asking.

"first, who are you? second what are you doing here? third who is she? and at least how did you come here?" i spotted my phone. it had a few unknown messages and calls. my sister have called to.

* to Jenn

I'm alright i am at the friend of seth's. he'S here too.

xoxo ruth

 she answered immediantly

*to ruth

Yeah i know. you havn't woke me up for that. seth already called me and told me you were staying together. i'm going to get some more sleep.

have fun and take your time.

<3 jenn


well okay... whatever. suddenly the door swung open and there was standing harry. how? why? what is he doing HERE? he was the last person i expected or wanted here.

"Babe are you okay? he havn't touched you, haven't he?" he said glancing over to seth who was standing in the doorframe.

"what are you doing here??" i shouted. how could he came here and still think i am his? he was clearly confused.

"i wanted to know if you are fine because you had left with out any good bye"

"i am NOT "okay". I feel like a piece of shit. i feel like a slut. i feel...RAPED" i spat into his face. his eyes widened. and seth moved closer to me supporting me with his hand on my back.

"W-What? Raped? by who?" he haven't got it. he already send death glares to seth.

"by you." he shook his head,disbeliving. held out his hand to me to hold it but i don't moved. what is he thinking? i am not going to jump in his arms.

" i guess i was drunk..." i felt seth's grip tighten a little, "i can't remember anything" another knock followed and i heard Frank growning and walking towards the door.

"i can't... Harry. Even if you were, it is no excuse to rape someone." i realized how hard these words hit harry. a tear escaped one of his emerald green eyes. but seth was upset.

"you just raped her. you were "drunk" and the frist thing you do is to go and rape her? wow true love. if you'd love her you would haven't even llet her ran away from you as you were mocking about her with louis. you wouldn't even ever thought about hiting niall for loving her like she deserves it. and you wouldn't have beat the shit out of this niall guy."

he nodded. simply nodded. "sorry for everything." his face went hard as a fucking stone without letting it show any emotion. how i hated it when people were like this.

"okay."  i think i wanted to forgive him. but then nialls voice shot through my mind. his hurt face. Niall. maybe those unknown messages were by him?

*to ruth

where are you?


*to ruth

please, where are you? we need to talk.


*to ruth

Are you ok?


*to ruth

we will leave soon. please come back.


*to ruth

i want to know the truth. come here and tell me.


*to ruth

i thought you'd love me

i need to talk to him. or did he already left? please. don't have left already



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