What a dream

a dream came true.


24. 23.Liam

***hehe...sry but i thought it would be funny to change the pov to a complete outsider :P***

Liams Pov:

We sat on my couch. Niall,Louis and me. the others lready left for bed and Ruth left for the toilet. the mood was suprising good between niall,harry and ruth. harry took it very well. we were completly suprised but we don't dare to ruin it by asking.

"Harry was so calm. i mean i am happy he was. but in my opinion he was a little bit too calm. what do you think?" louis asked breaking the silence. Niall nodded thoughtful.

"maybe he just kept his emotion to hisself and that's why he was so calm.?"

"No Liam. we know it better. Do you remember his last girl which left him. Everytime he saw her, a photograph of her or just heard her name he freaked out. everytime he called her, smashed something or started crying. and i guess this time it needs to be much harder. he realy like her and now she is the girlfriend of niall. one of his best mates. he recently got him unconsicious."

"I agree. this time he was to happy to be true. i am quiet sure that he still love her and he wont stop this just because of me." niall sighted, "but could we change the theme? i don't want to talk about him when Ruth comes back." we all nodded.

"by the way, where is she. she is unbelivable long time on toilet. shall we look after her?" louis was amused about my comment.

"she's a girl. maybe she wanna put some make.up on or something."

"no i think liam is right. she is far too long away. i will go and look for her." niall said and left the room. louis turned to me with a big grin on his face.

"What?" i raised one eyebrow at his "I'm-a-pervert-Look"

"Now we are on our own. let's have some "Fun"" we burst out in laughing. i pulled my lap top out of my backpack and turned it on.

"lets talk to our girls" i said typing omegle in the address and open it while louis and me were giggeling like little girls. it was always fun to suprise our fans with this. we typed our names and immediantly got some girls freaking out. we talked to some of them as louis said he would go to bed.

Suddenly the door swung open and Zayn stormed in.

"Waz Happnin, Zeeen?" we laughed but stopped as we realised zayn was not about to laugh with us.

"I heard something. something Niall will not be happy to hear about. i am not sure who started and if she wanted to but harry-"

"Who?" i asked. what is he talking about? did harry and ruth? no. Ruth would never do something like that to niall. or would she?

"I think i heard harry and ruth."

"And they said what?" zayn shook his head. he was realy disturbed.

"i think they had sex." i jumped up. this can't be true. why would she do that? she told Niall she would love him. niall was so happy to have met her. and how much he loves her. i can't belive this happened. she seemed to be so nice.

"No. She would never do that. Are you sure it was her?" louis was upset. zayn nodded in a very sad way.


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