What a dream

a dream came true.


23. 22.

***it is going to be sexual***


I felt his tounge on my neck. it felt so good to feel his touch. he done things never hve been done to me. he pulled my shirt upwards with his hands and sqeezed my breasts. i felt him grow between my legs. it was kind of awkward but he went on and finally got off my shirt. i couldm't stop him. and it felt so... i know i shouldn't say it but it felt good. i could slap myself for want him. i wanted to feel him. my hands gave up and finaly i slid my hands into his hair gently pulling on it. and he just got closer. his lips found mine to share a deep kiss. his hands traveled down to my jeans and unbottoned it. he striped them of and he started to move his hand over my vagina. it sends shivers over my entire body wich caused him to smirk.

"you want me" he said triumphatly. i shook my head. i know if i would open my mouth the only thing came out would be a moan. he got angry and pressed his lips on mine. with every move i made he pressed me down harder. it started to hurt as he said

"Say that you want me." he kissed my neck and gave me love bites. i coudn't stop myself.

"I-I w-want -"

"WHO do you want?" he asked. "I want you to say my name" he took of my panties and undressed himself between every kiss he placed on my body. i stared at his entire body. it was big. as i felt him slamming in me i just felt pain pumping through my body. he moaned and placed a kissed my nipple. he bit a little and as he pushed his lenght into my again i felt pleasure. it rushed through my vains. a moan left my lips. i slammed my fingernails in his back.i wanted to feel his soft and hot skin. it felt so good.

"SAY MY NAME" he demanded as he slammed himself into me very hard.

"H-Harry." i felt his smile creeping on his lips as he kissed me again. he tounged me. with every time he slammed into me i felt unbelivable.

"say it louder." he wispered as he roughly grabbed my bum to lift up.he placed my legs around his waist and moved me on him.

"H-HARRY, Ahh. please...Harry, stop" he got out of me. he backed away and left me undone.


"You want it. say that you want it. and say that you like it." i bit my lip. i know this was wrong. i shook my head. he grabbed my wrist lifted my up, slammed me against a wall and started to push himself into me again. deep. i came same as he does.

"You" i was nearly done.

"Are" he bit my neck hard and licked up to my jawline.

"M-MINE" he pushed his complete lenght into my and i felt his whole body shaking. a moan excaped my mouth and he filled my mouth with his tounge.

I  couldn't belive this was happening. he laid me gently on the bed, replaced a condom thank god, he used one  and joined me pulling me close into his arms. i doesn't felt like cuddeling with him any longer. i told him i love niall.  NIALL- I hav... what have i done. i shouldn't have enjoied it. i cheated on him. because of harry. Tears filled my eyes . i jumped up grabbing my clothes and put them on. i felt a hand grabbing mine.

"DON'T TOUCH ME AGAIN. NEVER." i shouted and ran out of his room. into nialls room. i looked myself in his bathroom and i jumped under the shower. i let the hot water ran over my skin. all those places harry had touched. i felt dirty. i never wanted him to do that. he made me want it while i doesn't. i felt drunk. drunk of the pleasure he gave me. i squat in the shower and started to sob again. the water mixed with my tears. i heard a knock on the door.

"Ruth? are you in here? it's me. Niall."

"yeah. i am under shower."

"is everything okay? you said yo ujust wanted to toilet and never came back."

"i-i am sorry." my voice breake and i started sobbing again. I have ruined everything.

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