What a dream

a dream came true.


21. 20.

i felt his warm arms around me. ifelt like all my fellings were throwen in a mixer to come out as one big feeling.

"why are you crying?" niall asked and i felt his lips on my forehead and his hands carressing my back. i couldn't answer but somebody else could.

"Because you look like shit" i heard a raspy voice. Harry. Niall stopped himself and pulled me behind him and grabbed my hand more to protect himself then me. it was weird.

"What happened to you?" i said facing niall.

"he wanted to steel you." harry said coming closer to me. with every step he made niall cramped more. now harry stood right infront of me. his breath hit my face as his face went closer.

"but you are mine. and nobody will ever change this. not even this weird little leprechaun called niall"he lent in for a kiss but i backed away. shaking my head. this time his face went angry.

he looks like my sisters boyfriend when he fails at flappy bird or maybe even angryer.

"did you ever asked me if i want to be yours? did i ever said that i want to be yours? or did i ever said i don't like niall?" he shok his head.

"of corse you haven't. because everything was clear."

"To YOU maybe. But i'm not yours. i am Niall's." he lifted his hand to slap someone but it wasn't me and i knew he'd never hurt me. he couldn't. as it moved towards niall i moved and took the slap. it hit my cheek hard but it wasn't worse as i expected. so i looked into his shocked face. everyone looked shocked. well atleast i kknow who have done that to niall.

"Why have you done that? I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU! I WANT TO H-"

"if you hurt him it hurts me as well. so i prefere that you hurt me instead of him. i mean look at him." i pointed on the bruises in nialls face.

"This does hurt me. everytime i see how hurt he is it hurts me. and does he look like it wouldn't hurt if you slap on this bruises?" he had very dark ones right under his eye. his beautifull eyes. niall looked down on me full of respect, love and sadness. i grabbed his hand again and his thumb started rubbing mine. i smiled and suddenly harry nodded.

"i see. i am sorry." he turned and left into his room. louis and the others were stunning.

"do you think it hurted him much?" i asked carefully. zayn shrugged, louis was still stunned and liam smiled a little saying

"even if he is, it was his fault. he never asked about your feelings and now he is needed to take the consequences. and i guess he had. but he will be okay soon. he need to get used to this situation. it will take some time but he will."

"always the right words, liam" niall said. i looked up to him.

"does it hurt very much?" he smiled a little.

"it will be okay. it hurts much moe t see his girlfriend get slapped by a guy." he said and carressed my cheek harry slapped.

"its okay. i wanted to show him that he hurts me though. and i think he got it now." i pulled my ipod out of my jeans and checked the time. will they even perform today?

"in an hour  the concert starts."

"so we need to get niall to the mask so someone make him stop looking like he fought with a ...drunk guy." louis said softly removing him of me and gently pushing him somewher i couldn't see.


we were waiting for harry to appear and all those fans already were shouting for One Direction.

we got nervus and as aalready of the boys wanted to look for him he appeard normaly looking as always. he smiled and looked very happy. i got to my place in the crowd right at the fence so i could see anything. then the boys got on stage and everybody got weird and screamed even louder. my thought were blowen away and finaly they started to perform. after the first songs my sister appeared beside me and was screaming if everything was good. i just nodded and grinned. the sceaming of the girls made it impossible to talk so i texted her about louis inviting me for staying after the concert. and she simlply replyed "Ok :)" i smiled and my thoughts went back to the concert. Niall was jumping over the stage and moved close to my place. he winked at me and moved on. he was so happy and nobody recognized his bruises. also harry was joking with niall on stage and everything was like it should be. it was perfect.

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