What a dream

a dream came true.


2. 2.

All people turend around as they heard my loud scream "OH MY GOD!!" i stopped thinking. my little directioner heart exploded by happyness.

"calm down " she laughed. I CAN'T!

"but i haven't wrote a sign or anything! They wont recognize me at all!" ok now i am going to be mad. i should be happy that i'm able to see them that close...BUT i dont even though about having a chance and now i had it and i failed it so hard...

"They will! i am sure" she said and smiled at me. the train stopped and she pulled me out and kept walking.

"here are defenitly no malls or shops or anything where you could go shopping." i said confused

"i know." she said and back was her big grin. i got very wary.  what is going on? where are we going??

"we are going to the concert" she said and stick out her tounge to me. -.-

"why? i thought the concert will start in the evening?" i was happy about that but at all i don't understand why we are here alreday. we got into another street and i saw the big arena. it will be the BEST DAY EVER...

it was only 2 pm and the concert begin in 6 houres. well this fandom is so weird. but at all im glad i am in that.

"Ruth! come this way." she said and showed in the direction of a door which was beside the line where all other fans were waiting. I wonder where we are going. i guess she just is wroong again as usual. everytime she don't know where we need to go you just have to go in the opposite direction.

it was warm. a nice sunny autumn day. we walked to a smal plain grey door infront of it was standing a security guy. he realy looks dangerous. he could have just lift me up and use me as a ball and throw me far away. ew... not that nice though.
"the line for the entrance is there" he said as he recognized us walikng in his direction.

"we're allowed to go in here" jenn said self-confident but also very cute. as always. i would rather just turn aroud and run away from this guy and get into the line. But my sister just handed some papers to the men, he looked at them, opend the door and lead us in. I was confused.

"where are we going jenn?" she smirked. "jenn??"

"you will suffer that soon." i was confused. what are we doing in this weird building. here are so long  corridors with so many crossings with much more corridors and doors.

"paul!" the guy who let us in called into the corridor. PAUL...is he the paul?? like the paul who is bodyguard of the boys?? what is happening here??


A door opened and Paul (THE PAUL) walked out. i gasped. my sister gave me an amused look and handed paul the papers whis also the security men had.

"hello, i'm paul." he glanced over the text..."ah ok..uhm..so who of you is ruth?" he looked at jenn and at me.

"i..i am Ruth..why?" jenn laughed and said

"she's my little sister. i just brought her here. so uhm i will pick her up to the concert later if that's okay?"

"you'll leave??" i was truly scared.

"everything is okay...ehm..Ruth, right? i you wont be alone." huh?this is all as clear as mud to me...

jenn just nodded happy as Paul said that she should come in 5 houres and pick me up here.

"okay thank you very much Paul. see you later ruthy!" she waved and left through the door we came. i was alone with Paul. WHY?

"so okay ruth just follow me." i did as i was told. the walls were plain white. with some posters of bands and lightswitches every door. at least i wont be lost in the dark..

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