What a dream

a dream came true.


20. 19. Louis

***sorry but i like jumping between characters :P***

Louis Pov.

"i think we should go and look for harry" liam said. well true. Niall will be okay. he had some marks and harrys kick against his head got him unconsisious but the doctor we called told us he will be fine when he wake up. but harry was a wreck. he couldn't belive niall and got totaly upsest (again) as he saw ruth laying in nialls bed and just wanted to beat him up again because he thought niall had... you now some privacy stuff with her going on. but we all said that she maybe just needed a place to sleep. this calmed him a little. not much but a little. harry always had mood swings. but ruth made it going much harder. he wanted to make her his until he kissed her. i still can't belive he kissed her.

"i hope he is asleep. and niall awake..." i lifted myself from the sofa and went in to the hallway. i turned to öool if something was going on there and realized a girl sanding infront of niall's door which was wide open.

"NIALL"she sobbed as she fell down on her knees.

"RUTH, Darling he willl be okay. come here." i ran towards her, lifted her up like a baby and hold her clos to me. i never wanted this to happen. i want her to be happy

"it is not as bad as it looks like. he will be okay when he'll wake up" Liam came and carresed her head. as weird as it sound it must have been a funny picture one guy holding a girl and another one strokig her hair. in the second i thought this i already heard a reaction.

"what is wrong, angel?" Zayn asked at the other end of the hallway beginning to walk towards us fast.

"she saw Niall." liam explained. zayn finaly got up to us and started humming a melody. it was welcome home by radical face. liam joined and i took the singing part. i guess it sounded aweful but she just started smiling at me and that was all i wanted.

"you are the best friends someone could wish for. and you are the best big brother i could ever have choosen." she said with a small smile.

"thank you"  i was the only one who answered because everybody was distractet by something. i wasn't fast enough to realize what was going on but ruth quickly got out of my arms and ran into somebodys. Nialls. he was awake and stood uín his door .

"why are you crying princess?" he asked.

"because you look like shit" it doesn't came out of her mouth.

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