What a dream

a dream came true.


19. 18.

i woke up by a smell. not like a bad smell. just a different smell. i rembebered the smell of niall his cozy warm smell. but now it was completly different. it doesn't smelled like food or niall, it smelled like...aftershave. not one of this distugsting ones, no it smelled good but it just wasn't the smell of niall. and nothing could beat his smell. ***wow so often "smell" XD ***
i slowly opened my eyes to check where i was, well because i was sure not to be in nialls bed any longer. i lifted my head to see where i was. i was in louis room. it wasn't the room i was when i talked to him. it was another room with a bed and a small fridge like in nialls room. it just smelled different and i saw a t shirt of him laying on the floor he had on before so i was sure it was louis room. i got up to get it. whyever so i lifted i up to fold it. but while doing this i recognized a little, no not even little. more big brown stain on it. i wondered what is could be until louis went in.

"hey you are awake?"

"yeah. uhm lou?" he seemed to be a little nervous what made me even more nervous about the stain.

"yes little one?" he glanced to my hands in where his t-shirt with the big brown mark was.

"What is this?" he took it away rapidly and prented not to know what it was and he was a bad liar.

"oh.. uhm i gues it was chockolate or coffee or tea. i dunno." his accent was comming through.

"why have i sleept here?" i know that i guess louis caried me here. but why?

"uhm well we don't wanted to wake you up while we where in nialls room so i got you into my room." i furrowed my eyebrows.

"why were you in nialls room?" he shrugged.

"well just chilling and stuff." he added.

"What happened louis? and please don't lie to me this time."

"nothing happened. everything is okay. it's nothing you need to worry about. and hey in two hours the concert begins. aren't you excited?"

"don't change the theme. Where is niall?"

"why do you care about niall so much i thought you and Harry..."

"no. niall and me. and you know that already. why do you ask like that. i mean you've known that."

"uh. i just thought maybe you changed your mind."

"no i haven't.  can you please get away from the door so i can go look after niall. i want to talk to him." he stepped even closer to the door blocking it from me.

"NO! i mean.. no he's asleep and you shouldn't wake him up. in the last time he haven't had much sleep so now we are glad he sleeps." well so i will say something different to make you let me get out of here.

"oh okay... so i will go to liam." he was confused.

"liam?" i simply nodded and he had no good reason to block my way and opened the door. i knew he would look after me and i realy had no plan where liams room was so i turned around and asked. lou said where i need to go and brought me. it was quiet awkward because i had no idea what to say. we got into liams and we talked a bit about random things but i recognized  how liam and louis changed some weird looks. i wanted to see what was going on with niall. i literally just thought about niall in the past hour since i woke up in louis bed.

"sorry i need to go for little girls." i said and left without waiting for an answer. i hurried to get to nialls room and as i walked in my jaw dropped as tears started to roll down my cheeks.



***sorry for this weirdo chapter... hope you liked it though. please like or leave a comment <3 and thnk you all for te 75 reads, 3 likes and five who realy want to know about when a new chappi is coming :D

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