What a dream

a dream came true.


18. 17. Niall

Nialls POV. ***yeah i know but hey why don't tell the story of his side?***

i realy left her. the girl of my life. i was suprised by myself for beeing so strong to get up and walk away. but it's so needed. i was much to weak in the last 3 houres and now i know i have no reason to be weak anymore. now i need to be strong for my girl and what should she do with a weak little boy. She needs a man and this is what i want to be. a part of beeing a ma is to protect his girl.

i knocked at the door.

"hey babe did you change your mind? i already thought you wouldn't come anym-" i hit my fist into his face. he stumbled backwards into his room and i followed.

"WHAT THE HELL?! NIALL?!" i pushed him against a wall and pushed him up by his collar. he looked suprised. well i was eather. i never thought this would be working that well. he tried to get off my grip put i actually was stronger.


"Never touch her again. She is mine. and she don't love yo-"

"SHE LOVE ME ! AND I FUCKING WILL! SHE IS MINE!" he shouted right in my face. he seemed to get very angry.

"Did you ever asked her if she do? did she ever said it to you? did you ever showed her you love her?" i pretended to be calm. and it worked harry got calmer but suddenly he gathered all his power and pushed me away. he landed on his feet and i? i smashed into a table and it broke. some pieces of wood flew around and i hid my face behind my hands to avoid splinter in my eyes though i felt something stuck in my skin. as i opened them harry already was standing in front of me. looking aggressivly down on me.

"i never wanted to hurt you. but she is mine. i saw her first, i kissed her first and she liked it. do you think she would leave me for you? harry styles for the guitarist? i don't think so and at all i warned you. i am sorry but you don't seem to understand."

he kicked with his foot in my side.

"SHE" another kick followed. it hurted so much to feel his feet in my side. not because its a feet. this hurted too but the fact that is was Harry who was kicking me hurted much more.

"IS" a third kick. this time in my stomach. all i saw was blurred i closed my eyes.

"MINE" he kicked against my head and now all went black.

"Harry?! What are you doing?! get off of Niall!" i heard a familiar voice, i guess it was zayn. i felt somebody grabed my and i heard harry curse something and then all went off.

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