What a dream

a dream came true.


17. 16.

he stared at me. shaking his head.

"no. you love harry." i pecked his lips slowly.

"no i love you, niall james horan. and i don't mind what harry says!" he seemed to be paralized. but happy. it caused me to smile.

"and... i mean...why?" he stumbled. completly suprised.

"why i love you?" how could i not?!

"why me and not harry?" he pushed himslf away and i immediantly recognized it was because i haven't answered.

"i love you because you are cute. because you are so beautiful, you are so handsome. You are perfect to me."

"why me? harry is much hotter than me and he is-"

"stop it! i love you and not harry. and you are beatiful to me and nobody else could be more perfect to me than you"

"realy?" he seemed to be very moved and pulled me close as i nodded. he planted a light kiss on my forehead.

"but harry owned you. and he wont let go off of you that easily. he is realy possessive about you." his voice got weaker again.

"sorry but i don't care fo harry. i'm yours and not his. i mean, i am yours, if you want me to be?" i realised that i literally offered myself to him. after one day knowing him. while laying in his bed. after one day knowing him. after making out with him. just ONE DAY. i was completly overload and now also completely insecure about nialls reaction. everything is going much to fast. even this morning was to fast i couldn't even put a little make up on. i just wanted to go to a concert and now, before it even had started i am laying in niall horans bed with him saying that i am his. this is kinda fast for a first boyfriend. he was looking like how i was feeling, completly overwhelmed.

"i am yours already and now after this horrible hour you are telling me all this sadness was completly without a reason? i thought you were just making out for fun and after it you don't even have talked to me!"

"YOU haven't talked to me!" i pocked him into his chest and he just pulled me closer leaning his forehead against mine.

"i thught you don't wanted to."

"i wanted you to." he giggled

"so better late than never, hi" i giggled and kissed him. he pulled me even closer and kissed back. this moment was perfect. we were one. completly in love. are we? i backed away a little.

"everything okay?" his expression was like harrys when i stopped kissing him. how can they all look like that? so hurt. i wanted to make him smile. i wanted to see him happy.

"i love you." i said for the felt 100 time. he smiled.

" i love you." he said for the first time. the first time ever. To me.

"you are the first one who ever said that to me." niall shook his head in disbelive and got up. pulling a shirt and his jeans on.

"what are you doing?"

"i wanna visit somebody" huh?

"NOW?" my confused mind bursted out. he simply nodded and got out. leaving me in his bed. his comfy bed. i couldn't help but fall asleep.

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