What a dream

a dream came true.


16. 15.

i turned around to look at the disturbing person. but it was no disturbing person. it was louis and louis can't ever disturb me, i guess...

"hey lou" i greeted him.

"what are you two doing here?" he looked mocking towards liam.

"i just brought her to the toilets" oh right you need to go to the toilets. i just nodded and got in the bathroom.
while i washed my hands i heard them talking.

"she can't stay this evening lou!"

"hey just because she is beautiful i can'T take her with us? i miss my sisters and now she is one of tem so as long as i can see them i will. no matter what others say."

"no, no. i agree. she is beautiful, but have you seen niall? he's totaly down because of her."

"not because of her because of harry."

"yeah but harry is like that because of her" i heard louis growning a little.

"and this is because harry is a dick... sometimes. and it's not her fault that he is."

"but it hurts niall to see her, knowing that she don't love him like he do."

"who said that?" louis got upset. "who said that she love harry? who said she dosen't love niall? i mean she kissed niall and harry kissed her so she likes niall."

"we both don't know if she kissed niall or if he kissed her."

"ah shut up. and hey where's our little sunshine? i  mean she's in there for ages"

"maybe- no that's stupid"


"maybe she is uhm... you now ... unhappy." UNHAPY? what are they thinking i do? ...did liam realy asked if i was cutting myself? i should get out. i opend the door and looked at louis shocked face still looking at liam.

"louis? are you alright?" he turned to me and looked to my arms. checking if they are ok

as he made sure there was nothing he pulled me into a tight hug.

"you can always talk to me. about everything that is on your mind and i'll be there for you if you want me to and even if you don't want me to" i chuckled and realized that i am important for him, Louis Tomlinson. so i hugged him back and wishpered nearly without a sound:

"i guess i love niall." he nodded and stroked over my back.

"That's ok. if you want me to talk to harry i could do that for you." i shook my head. no, i need to do tht on my own.

"i will do that on my own." i smiled determinied. i want to.


The boys went to their rooms and harry asked me to go with him and i nearly did. but i don't want to be the reason why he mess up a concert. so i said that i needed some time to think about everything. he was dissapointed but he let me and went to his room.

so i walked through those hallways and they realy weren't that complicated. i walked and thought about everything. finaly all my thoughts were connected to niall and as i realised this i already stood infront of his door.

i knocked, hoping he would open and be like one hour ago. but nothing happened. i knocked again with no results. so i quietly opened the door and got into his room. nobody was in. so i just went over to the bed and ploped on the bed. i heard a shower right on the other side of the wall. maybe you should have a look. i don't wanted to disturb somebody while taking a shower. atleast everybody needs his privacy. so i cuddled into the bed and under the sheets and fell asleep.

i heard somebody walking in the room. i opened my eyes to see niall. so nothing else than niall. not even his boxers. his back towards me he was searching for some clothes in his bag. he turned around pulling on boxers. you should have know his lenght now. but oky. it is ...wow.

He still doesn't realised me until he got under the sheets. i closed my eyes pretending to sleep.

" Ruth?!" he wispered and slowly caressed my cheek with his hand.

"what are you doing here, honey? have harry done anything to you? and why are you under my sheets?" i couldn't move.

"you are so beatiful. why can't you love me? and how did you got me to fall for you so easily without felling anything? i love you. but you love harry and he loves you." i slowlymoved closer to him and he immediantly pulled his arms around me and kissed my forehead. i sliped my arms around his waist and mumbled quitly into his chest:

"i love you"

"and you can't even dream about me. could you-"

"niall, i love you" i whisperde opening my eyes and looking into to his ocean blue eyes.


*** sorry for not writing but i had a lot of stuff gimg on and still going on. hope you like it until now. Thank you so much for reading :D

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