What a dream

a dream came true.


15. 14.

i was curious because of niall. i mean, harry told him such a shit and now he don't even look at me.

"liam?" he looked to me while he was crossing into another hallway.

"yes,ma'm how can i help you?"

"first of all could you call me ruth and not ma'm? i feel like an old women!"

"haha. i guess i don't want to call you ruth because my sister is ruth for me and i also feel like a brother who is needed to look for you and so i can't have two sisters who are called ruth." i said with a big smile on his face wich causes me to smile like a happy rainbow pony.

"so you can call me anything except ma'm ok?" he nodded.

"but what did you wanted to ask darling?" i giggled. liam payne,your mental big brother, calls you darling... <3

"uh...do you know what is going on with niall?" he shook his head just to nod right after it. he was clearly unsure what to say.

"uhm...you know i guess it is because of you and harry. he realy wanted you to be his until harry, i guess he interupted you as i could hear, an-"

"he havn't. as he came in we have done nothing. i was just looking outside the window and niall laid on the bed. when harry came in"

"yes of cause, however, harry said niall that you were his, as you know?" i nodded

"and he told him to leave you, so his girl alone and never touch you or anything." i furrowed my eyebrows. as liam went on while we passed zayns door. why am i recognizing his door so well? maybe it's darker than the others...anyway...

"niall is a very insecure and shy guy. and he would never say something against harry especialy if he is angry like that. and so i guess he is just about to follow what harry told him." he sighted, stopped and let go of my arm instead of softly grabing my shoulders.

"i shouldn't say that to you but i will. niall realy loved you. and he was hurt so hear about everything what harry said. and also of your behavior."

"i haven't done anything to him!" how could i hurt niall? i mean i could never hurt him. not my nialler...

"darling, that's the problem. you haven't done anything. nothing to show him that you like him since harry talked to you. i mean what harry did was like a proposal."

"huh? but... what? i mean...oh... i realy hurt him...but i don't wanted to! and at all harry can't owe me like that. i mean..thank you liam." i hugged him.

"for what?" he mumbled

"for telling this to me. now i can clear things up."

"ehem." can't two persons, including me have five minutes on their own? and every freakin time disturb in the only moment we are close? it defenitly looks to everbody that i am a slut.

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