What a dream

a dream came true.


13. 12

"well... good to know hat you think about me."


"us whatever. atleast you could have asked me or-"

"when? i mean i just knew you for a minute and then you just-"

"i just what?!" his green eyes are murdiring me for this question but i couldn'T let go of it.

"Y O U just kissed me out of nowhere and made jokes about me. sorry that i don't knew that this is your ritual to-" he looked angry. Very angry.. ruth, at least he is a well trained guy whos 4 years older than you and could just kill you right now. i guess with one hand. maybe you shouldn't annoy the crap out of him. at least you want to see the concert...

"my what?" louis wanted to move between and grabbed his shoulder but he avoided the touch.

"your ritual to get a knew girlfriend." i keept calm. suprisilyng he just looked totaly annoyed,confused and angry at the same time. i guess you should talk as long as he stops looking like THAT!

"well i guess you had a .... bunsh of girlfriends until now. i mean i don't even know if you are single right now but at all you haven't asked me."

"asked you what?"


"i asked you a lot of stuff!" i shook  my head.

"you asked my name and as you kissed me out of the blue you asked me if i'd like it. but nothing romantical o stuff which could make me feel like i'm yours or you're mine." he just stood there blankly. he said nothing and the way he starred at me like he would stare into nothing made me insercure and very uncomfortable. i wanted to say something to make this situation stop. but what? the what could you say to make him feel better. he realy likes you and you just kissed one of his best friends. and then you said this. YOU ARE SO STUPID. couldn't you stop when it was good? with harry and just wait until he made a move? but atleast-

"i couldn't even know if you liked me seriously." i splat out "or if it was just a joke of yours to annoy louis. or if you just felt like "hey i'm harry styles and feel like grabbing this girl and kiss her. she'll enjoy because i'm Harry Styles." it could have been everything. even after that as you came in and got that you were the guy who messed up my first kiss. you just were like "mmh. who cares" i just wanted to runaway. and leave this fucking hall. but i realized that i was hungry and everybody was staring at me and so i just go over to liam and niall. because atleast they had talked to me!" all guys looked at me. no they starred. and harry? he was completly stunned. i was just about to start another monolog  as harry finaly spoke.

"i was your first kiss?" all face palmed themselfes except him.

"you havn't get that?" zayn asked. now it's enough

"ZAYN?!" i  moaned. he was confused and gave me and questioning gaze.

"put on a damn t-shirt or stop beeing that hot, i can't concentrate!" everybody bursted out in laughing. even harry needed to laugh a little.


"What should i have done in your opinion, huh?" harry whispered beside me on our way to the practice for the concert. niall walked right in front of us wearing (clothes?! :D by the way) a  blck jersey tank top, some grey skinny jeans and a snapback- looking freaking awsome if you know what i mean

"maybe ask for a date? make a compliment? just be nice and ask a question like uhh..."

"whazz happenin love?" i laughed as zayn ran past us to greet perry. she was there and he was totaly suprised. he ran towards her lifted her up and kissed her. you could easily see how in love he was. awww

*** next chappi soon :)

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