What a dream

a dream came true.


12. 11.

i wont interupt them. no way. but i couldn't just stay infront of the door so i thought about just leave again to zayns room. it was the only room i could find by now. i knocked at the door.

"com in haz. why are you knocking? the dor isn't loocked and your girl is with nia-" louis opened the door. "whoooops" i guess now he excactly know how this smilie : -.- look like in reality.

"well liam?" i said lifting my eyebrows while i walked into the room. louis came after me closing the door. liam sat beside zayn who ate a sandwich which looked excatly like mine and nialls, on the sofa. he ducked his head and i could clearly see his head blushed bright red. awwwww *-*

"i'm sorry but harry was so upset and curious and then lou" he gave lou an acusing look "brought up to play truth or dare." i sighted "truth or dare"? serious lou? 

"it was my fault." i gave zayn a confused look.  still no shirt... could he please stop looking so damn hot?!

"uh what?"

"i asked him what you both were doing and hary just was upset. he said something like : "she's mine not his, i should never let her go stupid me him....blah blah blah."" i smirked. zayn said everything in harry's accent also the "blah blah blah". but wait. what?

"i guess he thought you were his-"

"his what?" i were kinda upset. he can't kiss me and think i'm his after that. of corse he is fucking harry styles bu he still can't owe me without asking me.

"well you know HIS." i frowned. what? i understood already but i realy want to hear that for no good reason. let me im a girl.

"his girlfriend" i shrunk around to the door.


*** sorry for the short chapter. i am ill and i realy need to get back in my bed. liked it until yet? if somebody want i can make new character too. if you want to be one comment :D <3 who should she get? harry or niall? i am so torn. or somebody else of the boys at all?

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