What a dream

a dream came true.


11. 10.

we shrunk back.

"oh i don't wanted to interupt you little lovebirds." thankfully it was liam."i just wanted to ask if Ruth maybe want to come with us on stage later." he grinned at niall. "for the soundcheck and stuff. because harry and niall need to be there too." huh? why is he looking so sneaky?

"i guess i could skip it.?" niall ried to sound self assured but everybody in the room it was more a question though.

"no you can't. and you know that niall. it's a part of your job. so com'on it'll be fun." liam turned around and wanted to go.


"yes?" he looked at me.


"don't tell the lads what happened ok?" can he read my thoughts or what? liam shook his head and smiled.

"i wont. but i guess you will get some trouble with hazz though." before niall or me could ask why he was gone. leaving the door open. how i hate open doors.

"i hate it when people leave the room and leave the door open." niall said while he slammed the door shut. i giggled. he shrugged and grabed my wrist like a few minutes ago.

"so where were we?" though it was very comfortable it doesn't felt right.

"liam ruined it, doesn't he?" i nodded and he threw himself back on the bed still holding onto my wrist and so i fell on his body. he grinned as our nose tips touched. i chuckled. this felt so much better. he peeked at my lips biting his lower lip.

"i can't understnd why nobody kissed you before harry." i shrugged. they maybe wanted but never did. i kissed his lips as softly as i could and he just pulled me closer and answerd my kiss stormy. his hands went over my back to my bum and on my neck. it felt so right as his tounge slipped into my mouth, as his hands slowly slipped under my shirt and as he turned us to be on the top. his kisses went down to my neck when i heard footsteps. i pulled niall away jumped of the bed pulled my shir back in the right position and turned my back to the door.

"What are you doing?" niall was totaly confused as suddenly more suprising for him the door opened and harry ran into the room.

"WHAT ARE YOU-" harry interupted himself. i turned around looking into his green eyes. they were darker than before.

"Why so angry?" my thoughts slipped out. both guys were cofused. unable to say a word.

"if nobody wants to talk to me i guess i should leave. still without a answer i walked towards the door and left the room.

"What have you done to her?" i heard harry asking.



the heck?!

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