What a dream

a dream came true.


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***hey guys thanks for reading already :D i hope you like it and i am already sorry for every grammar mistake i make. i am from germany so english might be not that perfect but i hope you like it though. please leave a like or comment if you like it to let me know i should go on. Thank you <3 ***


i woke up by the bark of my dog. i moaned. "be quiet!! it's 7 in the morning and it is sunday!"
he just barked ran up the stairs and looked happily at me that i woke up. i moaned got up, slipped into a skinny jeans, and my favourite shirt. it was blue with a writing on it "Stay True" oh how i love this shirt. i went downstairs opened the door grabbed a black leather jacket not minding if its mine or the one of my sister. it fits anyway. i grabbed the dog leash and walked ito the park. halfways i realized that i forgot my headphones. DAMN IT...so lets turn the music on loud...please let nobody come now... i turned on my favourite music list and my ipod started playing I Want by one direction. i grinned and started dancing,laughing and sang along.

fortunatly nobody had recognized me and the wonderfull voices of one direction. so i get into the house. i started to make some food while my music is still playing. i grabbed the muesli box the milk and a spoon. i rinned at the spoon...i should try to eat it with something else xD i also grabbed a fork.


"what are you doing??" asked my sister and looked like i am totaly stupid...
"i am eating muesli.." with a fork -.-

my sister gave me a look like i am the most stupid person in the word and shrugged.

"mom left us a letter and some money while she is in holidays with peter" -my stepfather.
"hmm" i aswerd bored. she took the letter and read it quiet. she grinned and looked a few time at me.
"what?!" i asked confused because her smile grew bigger.
"we are going to a concert" WOHOOO!! A CONCERT!!...of WHO?

"of who?" i said like i though. she grinned even more because she saw my reaction. I LOVE concerts. no matter of who.
"three guesses!" she laughed.

"uhhmm...Imagine Dragons?"

"no... i guess the fork is a hint" my brain stops thinking, my heart stopped beating my breath stopped.

"WHAAATT???? OH MY FUCKING GOD!! HELL YEAH !" i jumped up ran through the living room hugged her ran to my dog hugged him while he was looking like "whats wrong with her?!"

"I AM GOING TO SEE THEM LIVE !! AWWW !! OH MY GOOOOOOOOSHH!!!!" I still screamed through the whole house. the fangirling was worth it the dream become true i am able to hear and see them live *O*

my sister screamed "hey you wanna calm down a little?"
"why?" i was confused. why should i? is something wrong?

"its today. this evening" I NEED MORE TIME TO PREPARE :O AHHH NOOOO!! SO LESS TIME!! "are u coming with me?" i shouted as i jumped up the stairs and searched for everything i need for a concert.
"YEAH! " i heard her shouting back " but i wanted to go shopping today" no, no, no! not today!!
"can't you do that tomorow?"
"nop" i moaned and grabed my litlle leather bag. i checked my room. purse,check ipod, check headphones, check camera,check water,check

i love my sister but sometimes she's annoying the most impportant moments.

"so lets go shopping!" i said. she still was eating her breakfast. completly relaxed and in fucking slowmotion.


We jumped into the line and drove towards the mall. a few stations later we was there but my sister just grabbed my shoulder and the doors closed and the train drove on.

"i though you wanted to go shopping?"

"Yeah but somewhere else" TIME...

"but we need to be there early!" oh..where are we placed at all?

"jenn where are we placed?"she grinned and removed a blond strand of her hair. original her hair is brown but at leat she let her brown hair grew out now. thankfully. her hair is nice. HAIR..look at yours! oh.. i realized that my hair was a coplete mess. i didn't even put make up on. i usually dont but i am going to see ONE DIRECTIOON! ...my brown soft curly hair looked like i had sleept with that loose bun. i did...whoops... i hoped it looked like its wanted that way... at all i dont even had looked in the mirror. i grabbed out my ipod and checked the reflexion of my face. thanks for this mirror foil which is the protection of my little tresure.
"in the front. we are standing" i gasped. we'll be sooooooo close :O



Thanks for reading :D next chapter is coming :D i hope you like it.

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