I Was Sold to the... Prince!

May's parents never wanted children, so when May's mom got pregnant she insists on having an abortion, but her dad had a better idea. Go through with the pregnancy, give the baby up if he's a boy, and keep the child until her sixteenth birthday and sell her, if she's a girl.
Well, May just turned sixteen and she is about to meet her owner with a major secret.


3. Chapter Three

Leo and I were at his place, laying on his bed. Suddenly, Leo was top of me.

We stared at each other before he pressed his lips on top of mine. I open my mouth, allowing Leo's tongue to go into my mouth.

I slid my tongue into Leo's and kiss him back just as hungrily.

I bring my hands to the back of his shirt and lift it up.

Soon, we were completely naked, and Leo began to thrust himself into me.

A bomb of moans escapes my lips as Leo goes faster and faster.

My eyes flung open. I sighed with relief. It was just a dream.

"Nice dream?" I hear Leo's voice, causing me to jump.

Leo chuckled. "What were you dreaming about anyways?" He asked.

I shrug.

"Com on princess, you were moaning up a storm, you have to remember that dream of yours." Leo spoke.

"Well,, I don't." I lie.

Leo was soon at my bed and sat down on top of me. "I wouldn't lie to me princess if I were you." he whispers in my ear.

"I-I'm not." I stuttered.

"Are you sure about that? I know I'm not." Leo spoke as he kissed m neck.

"S-stop" I whispered.

"Tell me the truth," Leo tells me.

"I am," I tell him, not wanting to tell him the dream.

"You know, you are a very, very bad liar." Leo tells me as he fiddles with a lock of my hair.

"I'm not lying." I whispered.

"Yes you are, and unless you want to be punished, which consists of me fingering you, I suggest you tell me the truth." Leo spoke, lifting up my nightgown and pulling down my underwear.

I close my eyes, "I am telling you the truth," I insist,

"Suit yourself." Leo spoke before shoving his finger into my vagina. After every five minutes, he added another finger, soon, all of his fingers were inside of me. I was gripping the sheets, trying not to cry in pain.


After several minutes, Leo finally removed his fingers from my vagina.

Leo was taring at me for what seemed like forever when he began to talk. "How about this, you tell me the truth, I won't have sex with you,"

My eyes widened with fear.

You going to tell me?" Leo asked, a smirk on his face.

I glared at him, "Just to make it clear, the dream meant absolutely nothing." I inform him.

"Just tell me." Leo ordered.

"We slept together." I answer a glare still in my eyes.

Leo smirked.

"It meant nothing, it was just a dream, nothing more." I tell him.

"We'll see about that." Leo whispers in my ear.

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