I Was Sold to the... Prince!

May's parents never wanted children, so when May's mom got pregnant she insists on having an abortion, but her dad had a better idea. Go through with the pregnancy, give the baby up if he's a boy, and keep the child until her sixteenth birthday and sell her, if she's a girl.
Well, May just turned sixteen and she is about to meet her owner with a major secret.


1. Chapter One

I open my eyes to the rays of the sunlight. I let out a small sigh. Today is May 16th, AKA my sixteenth birthday, meaning today is the day I'll be going to the person who bought me, yes I mean bought.

From the age of five, my parents had told me that they are going to sell me to someone, and will be picked up by him on my sixteenth birthday.

After a few seconds, I decided to get ready. My parents had told me to wear the outfit they had put on my dresser.

I grab the outfit and entered my bathroom.


I stared at my reflection in disgust. The dark red dress was skin tight that barely reaches my knees. It also shows a lot of my breasts. I go to my dresser and dug through it until I found my light red half jacket, and put that on.

"May!" I hear my mom yell.

"Coming!" I called back, buttoning my half jacket.


I take a deep breath and entered the living room. My eyes widened as i see the man who bought me. Prince Leo.

"I'm glad you were the cloths I had picked out for you." Prince Leo spoke, a smirk on his face.

I didn't respond.

"Come, and take off that half jacket." Prince Leo ordered.

I walk over to the prince, leaving my half jacket on.

Prince Leo sighed and quickly undid the buttons of my half jacket. I tried to stop him, but it was no use. He threw the piece of clothing behind me and began to drag me away.


"Alright princess, you have to do exactly what I tell you to. You disobey, you get punished, got it?" Prince Leo spoke.

I nod my head.


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