I Was Sold to the... Prince!

May's parents never wanted children, so when May's mom got pregnant she insists on having an abortion, but her dad had a better idea. Go through with the pregnancy, give the baby up if he's a boy, and keep the child until her sixteenth birthday and sell her, if she's a girl.
Well, May just turned sixteen and she is about to meet her owner with a major secret.


4. Chapter Four

I was at the park with Jonathon (Who luckily helped me convince Leo to get me some normal clothing and not some slut-wear clothing) talking about random things when I hear a bee. I freeze up in fear.

"Calm down May, it won't sting you unless you bug it," Jonathon reassures me.

I take a deep breath and nod my head.

Just then, a bee rested on my flowered skirt, causing me to tense up again,

"May, whatever you do, do not move." Jonathon orders.

I briefly nod my head.

"May," I hear Leo's voice, causing me to jump.

"Ouch," I whimpered as the bee stung me.

Jonathon's eyes filled up with fear as he grabs his phone and dials a number, 9.1.1 most likely.

"May come on, time to go," Leo's voice came again.

"Hi, my name is Jonathon Faith and my friend May Wolf is deadly allergic to bees and just got stung by one. She don't have an Epi pen." Jonathon said in one breath.

He nods and quickly gave the person he was talking to the address we were at.

"Don't worry May, an ambulance is on its way," Jonathon tells me as I struggle for breath.

"May, come- What's wrong? Why is she struggling to breathe?" Leo demanded.

"She got stung by a bee Prince Leo." Jonathon explained.

"Jon-" I started before I passed out, 

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