I Was Sold to the... Prince!

May's parents never wanted children, so when May's mom got pregnant she insists on having an abortion, but her dad had a better idea. Go through with the pregnancy, give the baby up if he's a boy, and keep the child until her sixteenth birthday and sell her, if she's a girl.
Well, May just turned sixteen and she is about to meet her owner with a major secret.


5. Chapter Five

Jonathon's POV

Fear engulfed my body as May passed out. "Where is that damn ambulance?!" I growled.

Soon, sirens filled my ears and I sighed in relief.


Three Hours Later

I was pacing back and forth, desperately waiting for the doctors to come out. "What's taking so long?" I muttered under my breath.

"Relax Jonathon, she'll be fine," My boyfriend Jack reassured me.

"You don't know that Jack," I whispered, close to tears. "May was my first friend, the first person who accepted me for being gay Jack, I can't lose  her."

"I know Jonathon, I know, but you'll have to have faith she'll be ok." Jack tells me.

I nod my head and took a deep breath.

I hear Prince Leo sigh, I turn to ask why he sighed when I hear, "Family and friends of May Wolf,"

I turn around and said, "Is she ok?" Fear in my voice.

The doctor smiled, "She'll be alright, she'll just have to stay here overnight."

I sighed with relief, Maria and Jack's sighs of relief echoed in my ears.

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