Cancer sucks!

What would you do if you watched your brother go through hell and back and kept a positive out look on life ? How would you handle his death or the last words he said to you ? Having melanoma skin cancer isn't easy nor does it have the right to take a life. What does God have going on here ?? How could he allow bad things to happen to good people ? I'm going to give you my feed back on this situation.


2. Remeber

My brother and I always were close we never had any doubts that our bond would be broken. It wasn't either, I have two brothers Dakota and Zach, Zach being the oldest never really kept close to me and Dakota but we all had a close net of connection. Zach, Dakota's mom married my dad and me being 2 years old at that time was raised to call Zach and Dakota brothers and them me their sister. We thought everything would be fine our lives were okay we were at one point happy. We never thought Dakota or anyone would have suck sickness and die. Honestly I still think Dakota is still alive, once I became adopted by my grandma on my mom's side of the family I never really got to see my brothers, so to me when I see my dad I feel I should see my brother Dakota. My dad really never put forth in effort to see me, he's words are " The phone works both ways" but come on let's be honest it's not the child's job to keep in touch with their parent, it's the parent's job. So being a adopted and not having a dad that really cared it was hard to see or even have the chance to see my brothers and for a while there to see my half sister whom my mom had when she married my sister's dad close to the time when my dad married Zach and Dakota's mom.

Dakota and Zach's dad never kept in touch with them either, he wouldn't even pay child support. But I guess that's how life is this day and time huh ? No one takes care of their children and so someone else has to. Which in my opinion isn't right, when I have kids I want them to know I will always take care of them. But that's just me, not everyone is like me, Dakota took care of me he was the best brother a girl could have. Yes we had our ups and downs but that's what brothers and sisters do right ? Zach and Dakota were great brothers and always looked after me. I remember time after time the things we did as kids, playing around acting as characters in a movie or a video game we would watch and play. Those were fun times and great memories. I wasn't even going to write about my life but I thought about it and thought there might be someone going through what I've went through and needs help in getting back up on their feet.

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