Cancer sucks!

What would you do if you watched your brother go through hell and back and kept a positive out look on life ? How would you handle his death or the last words he said to you ? Having melanoma skin cancer isn't easy nor does it have the right to take a life. What does God have going on here ?? How could he allow bad things to happen to good people ? I'm going to give you my feed back on this situation.


1. My intro

I'm kayla most of my fans will know me has the girl who wrote fan fiction and was crazy about One Direction. Well this story is true, it's somewhat of my life and my brother's who isn't here anymore. He just recently passed and I need to tell someone, doesn't matter if you like my story or not I'm just putting myself out there and maybe answering some of the same questions a 17 year old girl/boy, maybe even an adult has had like me. Maybe I'll ask the questions no one has asked and someone could give me the answers. But this first chapter is mainly me preparing you for what all I'm going to tell you. I am 17 years old and my brother passed 2/15/2014. Yeah that soon and I'm sure you're asking yourself why in the world are you telling me about this right now you should be mourning over your brother's death, well this is my way of mourning, I'm also going to tell about my whole life.

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