Meeting Demi**Niall**


1. Getting To Know Demi **Niall's POV**

"NIALL!!!" Liam shouts from the kitchen. I groan and drag myself from bed. "IM UP!!" I start getting ready for a day of promo in LA and go to the kitchen. "Eat this toast. We gotta go." Liam pushes me out of the door and we go downstairs to the car. "Where's Lou Harry and Zayn?" "On the way to the interview come on." We climb into the car and we set off.


"So who's single and who's loved up?" "Me Zayn and Louis are in relationships then Haz and Niall are single." "Niall we've heard that you fancy a little lady called Demi Lovato?" "I think that Demi's gorgeous but with One Direction's schedule I don't have any time left for a girlfriend." "Well Liam, Louis and Zayn make time for their ladies." "They're more dedicated then me." I laugh and sip my water. "I see I see. So Harry any ladies you've got a fancy too?" "I like Taylor Swift." "Ooh!!" Zayn smiles as his phone beeps and his eyes light up. He starts tapping away and I sigh.


I fall onto the bed when my phone beeps.

Unknown Number - hi Niall it's Demi I saw your interview lol hopefully we can meet before you leave the states :)

Me - Hey Demi and sure that's be cool looking forward to it text me the details when you're free to hang out x

Demi - Sure thing :) see you soon x

Me - :) x

I decide to FaceTime Demi and I call her. I wait patiently and a twitter notification pops up. Suddenly our FaceTime connects and I see Demi looking curiously at the phone. "Niall?" "Hey Demi." She smiles warmly and I grin. I open my twitter and see a new notification.

Twitter - Demetria Lovato followed you

"Thanks for the follow." "It's cool now we can DM and stuff." I nod and Demi grins widely. "You've got a nice smile." "Thanks. You too." I laugh and we continue talking into the night.

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