Now i'm a warrior

Angel is being bullied she feels alone and hurt. What will happen if your bully saves you from suicide. Will they fall in love ?

*warning contains abuse rape and selfharm*


3. how they killed me on the inside even more.

I got up from the ground and walked away. I had laid there for half an hour. I picked my phone out of my bag and put mu earphones in hoping to cheer me up. I arrived at home and walked into my house. My mom was cleaning the kitchen when I walked in.

“honey what happened” she asked worried. Oh shit I forgot.

“I fell really bad in school” I lied.

“oh sweetie go clean yourself up and then eat dinner with us” I walked upstairs looking at my reflection. I looked terrible, dirt and blood everywhere. I really wish I could give up. But I can’t kill myself even how bad I wanted to cause I was a worthless fat weak and ugly bitch. It would hurt my family to much. But I felt the day of giving up was close. I will never be good enough. After I cleaned myself up I  put on some sweats and a large shirt. I put up my hair in a messy bun. I’m too fat.. I walked down stairs and told my mom I had eaten already. And I walked up to my room. I started to cry and cried myself to sleep that night. I woke up with pain everywhere. How long do I have to take this before it will stop? Ugh I still had to go to school the whole week cause it was Monday yesterday. After my morning routine and breakfast I got to school. Hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as yesterday. I’ve been bullied for years by them, couldn’t they just stop?

“hey look the fat bitch showed up today” chaz said laughing.

“she could better stay at home no one wants to see her ugly face” justin said while smirking.

I ran to the bathroom and broke down crying. I just picked my blade and made a few cuts. Why am I so worthless?

I got up from the floor and cleaned the blood of my arm and washed the mascara of my face. I put on a sweater and covered up the cuts with the long sleeves. I already missed first period so it was lunch time already. I walked up to the table in the back and picked up my dairy.

Dear diary,

I’m ready to give up now. I haven’t eaten all day, only drank water. I feel so worthless I am alone all week since Jake is away for the week with his parents so no friends in school. I just hate Justin and Chaz so much. But I probably deserve all this.



I put my dairy back in my bag and listened to music the whole lunch break. When the school day finally ended I walked outside to see chaz and Justin looking at me while smirking. Oh noo.

“hey slut come here!” chaz screamed.

I walked up to them and justin grabbed me and tied my hands together. What was happening? Then he put me in the back of his car. And they got in the front seats.

“why are you doing this” I asked scared

“you will see” Justin smirked.

We arrived at a really big house and justin stopped the car. He put me out of the car. Then they led me into their house. I was scared cause this never happened to me. Justin picked me up and took me to a bed room and that’s when I knew what they were planning.

“no please don’t” I said with a tear rolling down my face.

“you are not going to decide this” justin said while pinning me down on the bed.

“noo please don’t i’m a virgin” i said whispering

“that makes it even better” justin said.


He commanded me to take of my clothes. I didn’t want to but I did it anyway because he would punch me if I didn’t. First i took of my jacket. I threw it over my shoulder. It acccidentally hit chaz. Shit that wasn’t what was planned.

“You slut throwing your clothes around like a real stripper” chaz said.

That brought tears to my eyes but i wasn’t going to show them. I wasn’t weak. They didn’t need the pleasure of seeing me cry.

“Go on take all your clothes of” justin said

I continued undressing myself. This time i didn’t throw with my clothes. I just dropped them on the Floor. After a while i was done.

“now go on to the bed” justin said

Chaz pushed me in the direction of the bed. I struggled a bit. Pushing back, trying to get away by turning away from his hand. He grabbed my hands in one hand and hit me with the other.

“you get on the bed now and maybe we will give you some pleasure and make you come and maybe you will lose your virginity in a less painful way” he said.

I just did what he said. I didn’t want the pain. I didn’t want to be raped, but there was nothing i could do about it.

At this point i laid naked on the bed. I just laid there and did nothing except curling up into a little ball. I was so afraid of what they would do. I dared to peek over my knees and saw that they were undressing. Justin was taking off his boxer and chaz was still busy with his pants.

Justin walked towards the bed. He grabbed my legs and pulled them down.

“you lay here with your legs spraid and open for us you understand slut?” justin said.

“yes”  i whispered barely audible

“what did you say i couldn’t here you” justin yelled

“yes”i said in just above a whisper voice.

He started to feel up my legs. It tickled and i started to feel really dirty. Chaz was done undressing now so he came to the bed too. He started to touch my upper body. I tried to push his hands away but that only resulted in the fact that he grabbed my hands and brought them above my head. Now they had free play on my body. Chaz started touching my boobs. It actually felt good. I was so ashamed that it felt good.

“look justin she likes what we’re doing to her her nipples are straight” chaz said to justin.

Justin smirked this really mean smile.

“yeah chaz lets make this a game lets see who can get her to moan the fastest” justin said.

My eyes grew wide with fear.

“okay justin you begin you can do anything to her” chaz said

“okay i’ll begin but First lets tie her hands to the bed so she can’t move and we can use both our hands” justin said.

They grabbed a rope from somewhere and tied my hands together above my head and then bound them to the bed.

“okay i’ve got my stopwatch ready” chaz said.

Chaz pressed start as soon as justin started to lick my nipples, suck my sweetspot and started to finger me. I tried to hold back a moan for as long as i could. I didn’t want to give them the pleasure of seeing me react to what they were doing. After a while it became to much and i moaned.

Chaz chuckled. “that was freaking 5 minutes justin, i think you’ve lost your touch now it’s my turn” justint ook the stopwatch and chaz sat on the bed. “start” justin said and chaz went straight for my pussy. He started to finger me and suck on my clit. It felt so good. And within a minute i started  to moan.

“She’s getting real wet” he said to justin.

“okay well make her come then we can take her i think she’s deserved her treat even though she let you win the game” justin said.

Chaz continued to do what he did. He started to suck even harder and i felt this pressure build in me. After i while i couldn’t hold it anymore and i felt like i exploded. I came and they laughed and smirked.

“see justin even if she didn’t want it at First she wants it now” chaz said to justin.

I felt so sick and lonely. I laid there bound to the bed and they made me come involuntarily. Then i heard a crisp like a piece of plastic. I felt someone sit down on the bed. I closed my eyes and didn’t want to see what they were going to do now.

“well because i won the game i will let you go First on taking her, just so you can have your pleasure to” chaz said to justin. Justin started to touch my nipples. Roll them between his fingers. Then he let his hand travel down my stomach to my pussy and started to touch me there. I became wet again. My own body betrayed me. Justin said “i think she’s ready what do you think chaz?” chaz pushed a finger in my pussy and said “she’s ready”. Justin crawled over me and hovered on top of me. He started to kis my lips. So i turned my head. I didn’t want this. What did i do to deserve this. Then i felt this really weird thing. He was pushing himself in me. Once he was a little bit in he stopped a few seconds. After those seconds he pushed forward real hard. It hurt so much. A tear came out of my eye.

“she was a virgin chaz, can you believe it?! the slut was a virgin. O this feels so good she is so tight” justin said

I just laid there. Didn’t move one bit maybe he would be done soon. Justin started to move again and move harder and deeper with every push. It hurt so much and i felt so dirty and ashamed. After a while he came and then he stopped. “chaz it’s your turn now” he said. “naa i don’t want to use a used sluts pussy” chaz said. I sighed with relieve. “i’ll just come over her” chaz then said. I wanted to cry so bad. I felt already so dirty and with his stuff all over me i would feel even worse. I still had my eyes closed so i couldn’t see what was happening now. After what seemed like forever i felt this sticky juicy stuff come all over me. It was so sick. Then i kept laying there. After a while i felt this like towel thing dry me and justin talked to me.

“i hope you liked it slut. Because you made me come i’ll make you come one more time and then we’re done.” He sucked my clit once again and fingered me. I couldn’t get turned on anymore so i didn’t feel anything. “oh no slut you are going to come once more! Chaz come now you have to suck and play with her nipples” justin yelled. After like 5 seconds i felt a mouth around my nipple and a hand around my other. Then i felt sucking on my clit and fingers in my pussy. I started to get turned on again. “no i don’t want this again. No more please!” i yelled. I think it was chaz that hit me. He hit me against my cheek. This might bruise i thought. They went back to what they we’re doing and not long after i came. They untied my wrists and left the room. They left me on the bed.


I laid there in pain, he took something special from me. I’m just going to give up.

It isn’t worth it anymore. I started to cry again. Justin walked away a while ago leaving me behind. I tried to get out and put my clothes back on.

I opened a door and I saw a bathroom. Justin wouldn’t care it I hurt myself in there so. I walked into the big bathroom and locked the door. I looked for a blade and when I found it I made a deep cut on my wrist not deep enough to kill me but deep enough to make it hurt soo much. How can I live with myself? I started to feel so much hate towards myself not even towards them. I picked the blade up again and made another long deep cut. I felt disgusted about myself about my body. I just can’t do this anymore. I looked around and realized there was a lot of blood around me. I cleaned it up and ran as fast as I could. I had to get away! As soon as possible. I ran out of the house to the nearest park and I broke down against a tree.

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