Now i'm a warrior

Angel is being bullied she feels alone and hurt. What will happen if your bully saves you from suicide. Will they fall in love ?

*warning contains abuse rape and selfharm*


2. Chapter 1

Dear dairy,

Another day in hell another day in school. Why can’t I be normal? Why do I have to be ugly, to be slapped and punched, be called horrible names? I feel so alone. I’m happy I have my music otherwise I would be dead right now. The only positive thing is.. my lovely family. I love them with all my heart. I have one really good friend. His name is Jake, I know him since my birth. Hahaha I know that sounds weird, but I’m happy I have him.

Love, Angel

I put my diary down in my bag. It was lunchtime and sat on a table far from everyone else trying to hide from Justin and Chaz. They were my bullies.

The fact that I haven’t seen them today makes me worried. You would say I could be happy about it but it means they are planning something bad for me. Maybe they were going to beat me up again? Or embarrass me in front of everyone. I stopped thinking when I felt someone behind me. The person got closer and closer.

“meet me behind the field and if you don’t show up the punishment will be ten times worse” Justin said. I just nodded, too scared to say something. Then he picked up my food and threw it over me.

“you shouldn’t eat that, you’re fat enough already” he was right. I am too fat. I’m just going to stop eating. I’m a fat worthless and ugly person with scars all over her body not only from beatings but also from myself. Who could ever love me? I cleaned up the mess and got to class. The day went by too fast and the final bell rang. There was no escaping possible. I walked to the place Justin told me to be. I was scared. I looked up and saw them already standing there.

“look the slut showed up” Chaz said smirking.

“like the fat bitch had a choice” justin said.

I walked further up to them with my head down.

“please get this over with” I whispered just loud enough to hear for them.

“you are such a weak worthless person” chaz said.

Justin grabbed my wrist hard. I winced in pain because of the cuts.

“I’m not hurting you and you are already on the verge of crying” he laughed.

Then he looked down on my wrist and he saw them. The fresh cuts I made yesterday. I looked up at him and I swore I saw a little sadness in his eyes. But it was gone as fast as it came.

Then I felt chaz grabbing me by my waist and holding my arms behind my back.

Justin punched me in the stomach and I screamed in pain. Then chaz released his grip and I fell down on the ground. I felt them punch and kick me. But I was so weak i couldn’t even scream. The funny thing was this wasn’t even the worst beating. When they finally stopped my whole body was sore. But I probably deserved this all.

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