Once Again, Frozen...

Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to marry. But at the end, she married a handsome, smart, and kind man. His name was Eric Ryans. They had twins. Identical twins... Their names were Dylan Ryans and Daniel Ryans. Elsa wished that Dylan nor Daniel would have her powers, but unfortunately, Dylan did. This time, Elsa knew what to do. She let Dylan do whatever he wanted with his powers. She didn't lock him up. Five years later, Eleanor Ryans was born. Dylan was very protective over Eleanor and loved her very much. Daniel was jealous. It always seemed like Dylan and Eleanor was the center of attention. After a near-death incident the gates are closed and Danny decides he's had enough, With his family being torn apart second by second will Dylan be able to Fix the Pieces back together and Reunite his Family?


9. Nine

*Seven years later* 

The gates were still closed. It had been seven years since Eleanor, Dylan, or Danny ever went out of the house. Anna had given up trying to convince Elsa to open up the gates. Danny hadn't let his room once. Not even for meals. One of the maids had to slid some food into the small hole they had made. Danny refused to come out. The door to his room was always locked. He refused to let either of his parents come in. 

Dylan was always desperate to go out. He always stared outside the window, sighing. Elsa knew he wanted to go outside. He probably missed the parties and Elise... But she had to keep Elise away from Dylan. If Danny found out that Dylan and Elise were playing together, he would be really upset. He might try to kill himself. 

To be honest, Elsa hadn't seen her son is years. Danny had always hid his face and the curtains were always closed. Five years ago, she had unlocked the door with the key and checked on him at night. But unfortunately, Danny was awake. Now, he had stacks of books and other stuff piled up in front of the door so that no one would be able to come in. 

They realized that some of the books in the royal library was missing. Everyone else thought that some servant was taking the books. But Elsa knew it was Danny. Danny loved reading. He couldn't live without reading. He probably sneaked outside his room and into the library when he was sleeping.  

Eleanor had definitely changed. She wasn't the same cheerful girl. She was gloomier and Elsa could tell that she missed playing with her brothers dearly. The castle when empty and most of the time, it was silent. Eric barely talked with Eleanor anymore. He was worried that Eleanor will ask him to open the gates. He wanted to, but Elsa had forbidden him to. 

Anna and Kristoff were really worried about Elsa's family, too. They were really gloomy, too. Anna had gave birth to a healthy little boy five years ago. But unfortunately, a week later, the boy swallowed one of his socks and died. They hadn't even thought of a name for him! Anna was sad every time she saw a baby. But she pretty much got over the fact that her baby was dead now. 

Elsa hated the closed gates. But she was afraid that Dylan would lose control of his powers again. She couldn't let it happen again. That time, it was only Danny, but it would have been a far worse problem if he had froze Elise. She had to prevent it from happening again. 




Danny picked up a book from the ground. His hair had been long seen it's been cut by a real barber. But he had cut his hair the way he wanted it to look once every two months. It was pretty wavy and long. The title of the book was Secrets of Heroes. He had found it in the corner of the library. It was covered in dust. That book was pretty useful, though. It had told Danny much about his brother and his mother's power. 

He had a plan... Revenge... Everyone would regret not noticing Daniel James Ryans and they would respect him... For the first time in forever, he would get respect. For the first time in forever, he would get to be the powerful one. He wouldn't be just Dylan's twin... He started to pack up some stuff. Books, clothes, and some money. 

He picked up a backpack from the ground. He picked up one of his potions. Then, he poured the potion into the backpack. He waited patiently for the potion to sink in. From the outside the backpack looked normal. But from the inside, it was huge. Danny made an evil grin as he put all of his stuff inside. His room was clean, for the first time in years. 

He put the backpack on. It was as light as paper. He opened the curtains for the first time in years. Then, he turned around to take one last look at his room. Danny gasped when he saw a picture frame. Four pictures were in there. One was a picture of his mother holding him, smiling. Another one was a picture of him climbing a tree. He looked like he was five or something. The third one was a picture of him playing with Dylan in the snow world he had created. The last one was a picture of him holding El. 

El... He hadn't seen her in ages... He always loved her a lot. She was his baby sister and she had always been so adorable. Sighing, he stared, once more, at the picture of his little sister. Then, he walked back to the picture frame. He first smashed the picture frame into pieces. He slowly reached down to the ground and picked up the picture of him holding El. 

He whispered, "Should I really do it? El might be really disappointed of me..." 

But Danny had a destiny... Something he had to do to show Arendelle who's boss. He would do one last thing before he went. Danny folded the picture and put it in his pocket. Then, he climbed out the window and ran through the dark gardens. Right when he was about to climb over the walls, he saw his sister's room. He felt guilty. Slowly, he walked over to his sister's room and opened up the windows. 

He kissed his sister and whispered, "Bye, El... I'll miss you..." 

El sure had grown. She looked beautiful. But no matter how much she changed, she still looked as peaceful and adorable when she was asleep as when she was young. Danny quickly ran climbed outside the window and ran across the gardens. Then, he climbed over the walls and started to run away from Arendelle. He was heading to the mountains. 

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