Once Again, Frozen...

Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to marry. But at the end, she married a handsome, smart, and kind man. His name was Eric Ryans. They had twins. Identical twins... Their names were Dylan Ryans and Daniel Ryans. Elsa wished that Dylan nor Daniel would have her powers, but unfortunately, Dylan did. This time, Elsa knew what to do. She let Dylan do whatever he wanted with his powers. She didn't lock him up. Five years later, Eleanor Ryans was born. Dylan was very protective over Eleanor and loved her very much. Daniel was jealous. It always seemed like Dylan and Eleanor was the center of attention. After a near-death incident the gates are closed and Danny decides he's had enough, With his family being torn apart second by second will Dylan be able to Fix the Pieces back together and Reunite his Family?


14. Fourteen

Elsa slammed her hand onto the table, the surface freezing over.

"You let our children out ALONE in a BLIZZARD?!" She yelled at Anna and Eric who were sitting down in front of her. 

Anna shrugged. "They'll be OK Elsa! They're not dumb kids."

"You're missing the point" Elsa snapped. Eric took her hand. 

"Elsa if you're that worried, go after them."

"Ha!" She laughed angrily. "Yeah because It makes total sense to look for someone who is looking for someone else."

Anna looked at her with her eyes wide. "It made sense when you said it!"

Elsa glared at Anna and grabbed her cloak.

With that the Queen stormed out of the room.


Dylan leant against Elise sobbing.

"I could have saved her!" He gasped.

"You tried Dylan! You know you tried."

They stood up and kept walking slowly.

"She could be alive.. Right?" Elise said breaking the awkward silence.

He snorted. "Likely." 

"I'm being serious!" She cried. "Are you coming?"

Dylan looked up. It was night and the Northern Lights reflected on the crisp snow.

"No, Not for Danny." He said quietly.

"El DIED because of him!" He croaked.

"And you wouldn't care if the same thing happened to him?!" Elise exclaimed.

Dylan looked over to her.

He didn't care but he should.

They were brothers after all...

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