Once Again, Frozen...

Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to marry. But at the end, she married a handsome, smart, and kind man. His name was Eric Ryans. They had twins. Identical twins... Their names were Dylan Ryans and Daniel Ryans. Elsa wished that Dylan nor Daniel would have her powers, but unfortunately, Dylan did. This time, Elsa knew what to do. She let Dylan do whatever he wanted with his powers. She didn't lock him up. Five years later, Eleanor Ryans was born. Dylan was very protective over Eleanor and loved her very much. Daniel was jealous. It always seemed like Dylan and Eleanor was the center of attention. After a near-death incident the gates are closed and Danny decides he's had enough, With his family being torn apart second by second will Dylan be able to Fix the Pieces back together and Reunite his Family?


4. Four

Elsa's Point of View.


I picked up my cloak I had placed on Anna's table. "It's getting late out.." I said, heading towards the door. "Elsa!" Anna called over to me. "Don't get worried. It's all gonna be ok right?"

She smiled hopefully. "Yes Anna.. Everything will be alright.." I assured myself. It was hard to believe. I walked down the corridors and heard a banging from one of the rooms.

I sighed half expecting what I was going to find. I pushed open the doors of the kitchen and found slopes of snow covering the floor. I heard squeals of laughter as I saw Elise and Eleanor slide down the slopes on the castle dining trays, Dylan racing ahead of them a wild glint in his eyes. I felt a smile spread across my face watching them. It reminded me of Me and Anna. Well.. Before.. I shut my eyes and clenched my fists.

"Elsa, you don't have to make their lives like that as well." I muttered under my breath. 

After clearing out the kitchen and sending Elise safely back home, I picked up El, and took Dylan's hand. We walked silently up to the royal tower of the castle careful not to wake anyone. "Dylan, Go and get into bed whilst I tuck in your sister." He did as he was told and tiptoed round the corner to His and Danny's room. "Mummy," started El. "Hmm?" I answered quietly tucking the covers up over her arms. "Why does Danny never want to play?" I looked away from El. "Maybe Danny.. Just likes being alone sweetheart." I smiled. Deep down I knew this wasn't true. Even though El shared my Icy eyes and Light hair, she resembled Anna so much. Her perkiness and urge to have fun all of the time were traits her Aunt had always had, and I hoped El would keep them. 

I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room shutting the door silently behind me. I made my way round the corner and heard sharp whispers coming from the boys room. I stood with my back against the door listening. "If you actually spoke to someone then there wouldn't be a problem!" Snapped the rough, wild voice of Dylan. "It's kind of hard when you never get a chance because someone is always stepping in and hogging all of the attention. How do you think I feel Dylan?" I blinked hard fighting back tears. Dylan didn't answer. I felt relieved that he did so. I put my hand on the door handle but it twisted before I could open it. A small figure pushed past me and ran down the hallway into the darkness. I didn't need to see to tell it was Danny. I started to make my way down the corridor but stopped as Dylan grabbed my arm. "Mum, let him go." I looked at my son. My head was spinning. When I felt alone and unloved all I wanted to to was be alone. Taking a deep breath I told Dylan to get into bed and walked towards Mine and Eric's quarters. 

"Elsa?" Asked Eric looking up from a book. He was sitting upright in bed with a mug of tea in his free hand. "Oh Eric.." I sighed. He immediately understood. He took my hand. "Elsa, you really need to stop worrying so much!" He spoke with a soft tone. "We can sort it all out." I slumped down. "But the boys and - What if... Dylan hurts El or Danny hits.. Breaking point?! I-I it's just.. I'm so scared.. For them all!" Eric looked worriedly at Me. "Why did we even have children? We can't let them live like this Eric! We knew it would be risky.. For all of us." I looked up at him realizing what I had just said. "I - that came out wrong.." I felt ice cold tears run down my cheeks . He smiled. "Elsa. I understand what you are saying. I know you love our children, we both do, deeply. But I understand what you're saying. Yes, we will have to do something but I know we can do it." I smiled and kissed him softly before walking into the bathroom to wash my face. He was right. It would all be ok. Everything would work out.

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