Once Again, Frozen...

Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to marry. But at the end, she married a handsome, smart, and kind man. His name was Eric Ryans. They had twins. Identical twins... Their names were Dylan Ryans and Daniel Ryans. Elsa wished that Dylan nor Daniel would have her powers, but unfortunately, Dylan did. This time, Elsa knew what to do. She let Dylan do whatever he wanted with his powers. She didn't lock him up. Five years later, Eleanor Ryans was born. Dylan was very protective over Eleanor and loved her very much. Daniel was jealous. It always seemed like Dylan and Eleanor was the center of attention. After a near-death incident the gates are closed and Danny decides he's had enough, With his family being torn apart second by second will Dylan be able to Fix the Pieces back together and Reunite his Family?


5. Five

Elsa was lying in bed, thinking. Danny and Dylan... They were having constant fights and arguments. And poor Eleanor was stuck in the middle of their fights. It had been a week since she had heard Danny's confession about liking this girl named Elise. Elsa wondered who she was.

Eric came into the room. He was in his pajamas. 

He asked, "What are you thinking about?" 

Elsa sighed. 

"Danny and Dylan... I don't know what to do about them." 

Eric lay down next to her and whispered, "Everything's going to be alright. They'll work it out..." 

But his voice was filled with hopefulness than sureness. He was obviously wasn't sure if that was actually going to happen. Elsa had a bad feeling about all of this. 

Eric said, "Let's just go to sleep for now..." 

Elsa yawned. 

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea..." 




Elsa woke up, realizing that Eric wasn't lying down next to her. He was probably taking a shower. Elsa yawned and stretched her legs as she got out of the bed. 

She took a shower at her bathroom and combed her hair and wore her favorite icy-blue dress. She walked out of the room and she went into the dining room to see Dylan and Eleanor eating breakfast with Eric.

Dylan said, "Good morning, Mom. Danny's still sleeping. He nearly hit me when I tried to wake him up." 

Elsa kissed her son's cheek and said, "I'll try to wake him up after breakfast. Did you have a goodnight sleep, Dylan?" 

Dylan nodded. 

"Yup. I had the best dream." 

Elsa asked El, "How about you, El? Did you have a goodnight sleep, too? I hope you did!" 

Eleanor nodded wildly. 

"I had a great dream, Mommy!" 

When Elsa sat down, Eric cleared his throat loudly and said, "I have an announcement to make. We are having a ball today... And a party, of course. We should get your outfits." 

Eleanor and Dylan cheered. 

"OH YEAH! This is going to be so much fun!!! I can't wait!" 

Dylan and Eleanor loved parties. So did Danny... But he sort of started to hate every place that had a lot of people since he turned seven. Next week, Dylan and Danny would be turning eleven. Elsa wished she could stop time. 

She quickly ate breakfast and went up to Danny's room. She peeked inside and spotted Danny, sitting down on his bed, staring outside a window. 

Elsa knocked on the door and asked, "Can I come in?" 

Danny sighed. 

"Sure, Mom." 

Elsa sat down at the edge of Danny's bed. 

"We're having a party tonight. I think we should get your outfit ready... It's going to be a lot of fun. You'll be able to meet new friends." 

Danny said, "I don't feel so well today. I feel sick... I don't think I could attend the party... I think I have to rest." 

Elsa asked, "Are you sure?" 

Danny nodded. 

"Okay... If you say so... I hope you feel better tomorrow." 

She left the room and closed the door. Danny was obviously faking it. He just didn't want to attend the ball. Elsa walked towards Eleanor's room. She found her little daughter throwing clothes all over her room. 

Elsa said, "El! Did you pick out an outfit?!" 

El nodded. 

"I like this blue dress with white laces. I think it's pretty. Can I wear this one?" 

Elsa smiled. 

"Sure! Why not? Mommy's going to get ready for the ball now, okay? Play with Dylan..." 

Then, she left El's room. Dylan... She wondered what he would wear... But there weren't that many things that a boy could wear to a party anyway... Elsa was worried about Danny... What if he started to lock himself up? Elsa wished she could help him. 




"Dylan! The party's starting in five minutes! C'mon!" 

Elsa and Dylan ran into the ball room. Everyone was there. Eric was sitting at the royal chair and Eleanor was on his lap. 

Dylan started to play with boys his age. Girls were surrounding him. Elsa smiled weakly. Only if Danny could be like Dylan... 




Dylan smiled as he talked to the boys his age. He had never really been outside of the castle, so he was always excited to meet kids his age. Suddenly, he spotted a beautiful girl with golden hair and sparkling green eyes. She looked like a princess. 

Dylan walked up to her and said, "Hey, I'm Dylan. What's your name?" 

The girl blushed and looked down at the floor. 

"My name is Elise Shadows. Nice to meet you, Prince Dylan." 

Dylan grinned. 

"Don't call me that. Just call me Dylan. Nice to meet you, too, Elise. You're looking beautiful, by the way..." 

Elise blushed wildly. She looked like she was about to scream with joy. 

"I've always liked you... You're amazing.... And handsome..." 

This time, Dylan blushed. His pale cheeks turned bright red. 

Alex Rogers, a weird-looking boy with brown hair, laughed. 

"Looks like Dylan's in love!!! L-O-V-E!" 

Dylan protested, "No I'm not! Cut it out, Alex! You're annoying me!" 

But he was in love... With Elise Shadows... When everyone was busy dancing and talking, Dylan poked Elise's shoulder. 

Elise asked, "What do you want, Dylan?" 

Dylan whispered, "Follow me... I'll show you something cool..." 

Elise and Dylan slowly got out of the room. Dylan leaded Elise to the room where he and El played with the snow he created. It was one of their playrooms. 

Dylan said, "I know you know about my powers... But I know you've never seen me do it... I only do it inside the castle. I'm not trained enough to use it outside the castle." 

Elise's eyes were filled with happiness. 

Dylan stomped on the ground and created a huge snowflake. Then, he twisted his hands around to create a huge snowball that went straight up into the air and exploded into millions of pieces. Snow was falling everywhere. 

Elise whispered, "It's amazing..." 

Dylan asked, smiling, "Do you want to build a snowman?" 

Elise and Dylan played with the snow all night. They lost track of time. Suddenly, they heard the clock strike twelve times. It was midnight. 

Dylan said, "We better go back before we get in trouble!" 

Elise told him, "But first things first...." 

Dylan looked into Elise's eyes. His heart raced. Why did Elise have to be so beautiful? 

She said, "Thanks for making this day the best day of my life..." 

And he kissed him on the cheek before running out of the room. Dylan followed her. At the party room, he caught up to her. 

He said, "Visit me again... Let's play together... That was fun." 

Elise grinned. 

"I'll make sure I would." 




Elsa asked Dylan and Eleanor, "Did you have fun at the party last night? I couldn't find you, Dylan... Where were you?" 

Dylan said, smiling, "I was playing in one of our play rooms with Elise Shadows. She's really nice, fun, and pretty. I told her she could come over whenever she wanted." 

Elsa's mouth dropped open. Elise... Elise Shadows... She must be the girl Danny liked... She looked at Danny to see his expression. His face was full of anger and jealousy. 

Suddenly, he stood up and shouted, "I can't take it anymore! It's always you! Dylan, Dylan, Dylan... I'm always the leftover! El's the precious princess and Dylan's the precious prince. Nobody likes me. Nobody cares about me! I'm just Dylan's twin. I'm never called Danny or Daniel. Just Dylan's twin! You even took Elise! It's not fair! I never even had a chance!" 

Then, he punched Dylan's stomach. Dylan fell down to the ground. 

He shouted back, "It's not my fault I get more attention than you! It's not like I want it! You used to be my best friend! But now you are treating me like a criminal! You have more friends than me... Can't you just be a good sport? I don't want all this attention!" 

Danny looked angrier than ever. He kicked Dylan in the stomach. Dylan's eyes closed. 

Elsa shouted, "Daniel James Ryans! This has got to stop!" 

Eric stood up and ran towards Dylan. He picked him up and ran to the nurse. Elsa picked up crying El and followed Eric. 

Dylan just stood there, staring at the place Dylan had once been standing. 




It turned out that Dylan had just fainted. But Danny was in big trouble. Elsa and Eric had forbidden their children from hurting people physically. So Danny was grounded for a week. Elsa knew that Danny was really mad at Dylan. Probably more because of Elise... But hurting him wasn't the right answer. 

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