Once Again, Frozen...

Elsa has power over snow and ice. She is the queen of Arendelle. Her sister, Anna, married Kristoff and had a child. Elsa, at first, didn't know who to marry. But at the end, she married a handsome, smart, and kind man. His name was Eric Ryans. They had twins. Identical twins... Their names were Dylan Ryans and Daniel Ryans. Elsa wished that Dylan nor Daniel would have her powers, but unfortunately, Dylan did. This time, Elsa knew what to do. She let Dylan do whatever he wanted with his powers. She didn't lock him up. Five years later, Eleanor Ryans was born. Dylan was very protective over Eleanor and loved her very much. Daniel was jealous. It always seemed like Dylan and Eleanor was the center of attention. After a near-death incident the gates are closed and Danny decides he's had enough, With his family being torn apart second by second will Dylan be able to Fix the Pieces back together and Reunite his Family?


8. Eight

Danny threw himself onto his bed. He scowled at the photo in the dressing table next to him. It was of his mother, smiling in bed holding the new-born twins.

"She looked pleased then.." He muttered. "What have I done to deserve this?" He threw the picture across the room. It hit the wall and smashed.

He winced but did not go to pick it up. He didn't care about anything anymore.


Anna and Eric looked down at the floor.

"How could she...." Anna started. Eric looked up at her. "Anna she needs to do what's best for them and everyone else. She's right we can't keep them like this forever, but until they understand.. well it's the best thing we can do."

Eric walked out of the room.

Anna wandered around the room. She smiled as she came across a box. It was labelled private.

She tried the lid. To her surprise it opened. She saw Elsa's gloves. Not the ones she had gotten rid of, in the mountains, but the small ones she had been given as a child.

Anna shut the lid and walked over to the door, leaning against it. "She will open the gates." Anna sighed to herself. "Elsa knows what's best."

She made her way out of the door and went to the dining hall.

Dinner was an awkward occasion. With Elsa at one end of the long table and Eric at the other, The King and Queen often glanced worriedly at the twins, who were making their way into the hall.

Dylan went to sit in his usual seat, between his sister and his brother. Elsa shook her head at him and beckoned Eleanor to sit next to her, leaving the twins on separate sides of the table.

If Anna hadn't of been there it would have been silent. She kept making up friendly chats trying to involve everyone.

"I totally enjoy the summer, Like when trees are all green and stuff!" She exclaimed breaking yet another silence. El gasped. "Me too! When all of the pretty flowers are open!" Elsa looked at Anna thankfully.

She felt sorry for El. She was stuck in the middle of this problem. She had no one to play with for the last few days. "Well, Why don't I take you to the palace gardens after dinner?" Anna asked. She noticed Elsa's worried expression. "Oh Elsa, Come on! It's inside the gates anyway!" 

Elsa looked at Eric who smiled and nodded. "Of course. Thank-you Anna I think El will enjoy it."

El squealed and jumped of her chair up to her room to get her coat.

After everyone had finished and left, Elsa walked over to Anna and taking her by surprise, hugged her. "Thank you Anna, You are helping a lot." Anna felt happy that she was doing something helpful for her sister. "No, I realised how stressed you were getting and I completely understand." She said with a grin.

El ran downstairs laughing. Anna took one last glance at her sister and took the girl outside.


El loved the flowers in the garden. She ran round admiring their pretty colours. 

"Anna.." She started. Anna lifted her down from the blossomed tree she had been smelling. 

"Yes El?" 

"Why will no one play with me?" She asked her smile disappearing.

Anna sighed.

"Your family is going through a lot... El but I'm sure they will fix it all up!" Smiled Anna.

"Danny and Dylan won't." She sulked. Anna took the girls hand. "Of course they will, And then you can play with them!" 

El smiled. "Yay!" She squealed and jumped up.

Anna buttoned up Eleanor's coat and they walked towards the castle. Anna took a glance at the Closed gates. "Yeah.. Elsa will fix it." She smiled to herself as they walked through the big doors and into the castle.

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