Just Ruined

Justin Bieber supposed Bad boy well by what he's doing Strippers Pot Jail what's happening he flew to the the sky now he's falling can he fix his parachute in time to float down and Fly to the top again or will he forever be Just Ruined he goes through love back out and through it again follow in the twists and turns in Just Ruined. Through out all of this things might just turn out good ,Remember Might Story Out March 1st


3. Fag * mild explicit *




Song of the day is so gay by Katy perry


right now I'm sitting in my room thinking when Imogen bursts in my room

"what are you doing up here"

" Idont know imogen" just thinking about how everybody calls  me fag saying i dont have dick no balls" by now im standing up as she comes towards me with her every step i take one back until my back hits the wall." Imo what are you doing i say as she trails her hand down my chest my breath hitches. her hand reaches my waistband as it  slowly dips in she grabs my member as flinch" oh just checking to see if  you have a dick"  she goes lower playing with my balls lust in her eyes. prettysure mine look the same "hmm yep you have balls aswell our faces centimeters aprt . 

i coudnt take the wait so i slammed my face intohers as our make out seesion continued i moved us to the bed where i ripped off her shirt. kissing down her necki unclsp her bra playwith her breast .


hessucking on my boobs giving equal attention. until his mouth moves down my stomach taking of my jeans. pulling my panties down he's already shirtless i moves my hands to his boxers and pull them down revealing his very large jerry.it sprang up me knowing he was hard. he pulls out a condom slips it on going downon me it felt so good his breth hitting my neck we were so close i felt a good connection i felt different emotions as he thrust harder but slow if felt not a Quckie but making love.we both came at the same time he layed down next to meon the bed and we both fell asleep peacfully in eachothers arms.

hey guys sorry i haven't updates in a while but here it is

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