Just Ruined

Justin Bieber supposed Bad boy well by what he's doing Strippers Pot Jail what's happening he flew to the the sky now he's falling can he fix his parachute in time to float down and Fly to the top again or will he forever be Just Ruined he goes through love back out and through it again follow in the twists and turns in Just Ruined. Through out all of this things might just turn out good ,Remember Might Story Out March 1st


1. Characters


 Willow smith as

Imogen Bleu


Destiny Hope Cyrus as

Mackenzie Valentine


Justin Bieber as



Ryan Butler as



Chaz somers as


Demi lovato as

Emma Gunner


Ariana Grande as

Eviee Gunner


Ashley Benson as

Ellie Gunner


Jo Jo as

Danni Valentine


Real chapters on March 1st

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