Darcy Anne

Becca and Harry hooked up with each other at a party. Harry leaves for the xfactor and Becca finds out she's pregnant. Five years later, Harry is back in town. What happens when Harry meets his daughter, Darcy Anne Styles?


1. Darcy

Becca P.O.V.

"Darcy, do you want to go to the park?" I ask my daughter.

"Yeah!" She shouts, brown curls bouncing.

"Then let's go."  I pick her up and carry her to my small red car.

When we get to the park we're the only people there. Darcy immediately climbs out of her booster seat and runs to the playground. I follow slowly behind her.

"Becca. Becca Chance." I hear a British accent from behind me.

"Who's Becca?" Another British accent.

"That girl over there." An Irish accent adds.

"Just look at me Becca." 

I look at my daughter playing under the equipment and then I turn to her father.

"Harry." I say. My eyes scan the four boys next to him.

"So you remember me?" He asks.

"How could I forget? I see you everywhere."

"I didn't expect to see you here. At a park. A children's park."

"I could say the same for you."

"Louis here, is a child, so we bring him to parks." He motions towards the boy on his left.

"Parks are awesome." Louis shrugs.

"Does anybody know who that little girl is?" The blonde boy points to Darcy. Oh, no. This can't be happening.

"What little girl, Nialler?" The black haired one looks around.

"Zayn, she's right there. Under the equipment." Niall says.

The boy with the shortest hair turns to me. "Yours?"  I nod.

"Darcy!" I yell. The green eyed girl runs to me.

"What, mommy?" She looks me in the eyes. 

"Go say hi to these boys."

"Okay." She smiles and turns to them. "I'm Darcy Anne."

"Darcy Anne....."

"Darcy Anne Styles!" She says happily. 

The boys look at each other and then at Harry, who's eyes are glued to the little girl. 


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