Maybe He isnt So Bad...

Hi.Im Alice Irwin.I get Bullied a lot by people at school.I have a big brother,Ashton,who is older by a few months.our parents died when we were 16 from then on webbed lived with each other.People at school call me a nerd because I wear bow ties and ties and glasses.No one knows I'm Ashton's sister.I have a secret that only Ashton knows.Find out what it's is and read on


1. the beginning

Alice's POV

Hi I'm Alice and I'm 17.I live with my big brother Ashton because our parents died.My parents died at a bank robbery.They were really rich.My mum was a doctor and my dad was a lawyer . Today is Monday and Ashton's 18 birthday.He wanted for his birthday for me on Friday go to school dressed as the real me.You see my secret is that when I go to school I'm known as the nerd and someone's punching bag,but at my house I'm known as the sailer mouth crop top shorts sweat pants wearing lip piercing bad ass that gets drunk on weekends.So on Friday that's what I'll do.When I woke up I did my routine then went downstairs where there was a note

Dear Alice,

Sorry I wasn't there I had to go early and you were still asleep.Hope you walk safe,love you

- Ashton

The little fucker left me!now I have to walk! The worst part is Liam lives across the street!im going to go now so Ill be there to yell at Ashton.So right when I opened the door I stepped out on to the patio of the flat.and turned around and locked the door.Ashton is friends with the 5 idiots that bully me so when they come over I stay in my room.Ashton doesn't know about the bulling.when I turned around again I saw all 5 idiots staring at me from Liam's house probably thinking or wondering why I'm at the Ashton Irwin's house.I just walked off the patio and started towards school.

"Hey slut why were you at Ashton's house were you stalking him?"niall chuckled

"No"I stated and walked faster until Liam pulled me back and threw me on the concrete in front of the school

"Don't try and run away!"he shouted

"Y-yes Liam"

"It's sir!!"

"Yes s-sir"he the smirked and started beating me up and slapping kicking and punching when I saw calum about to walk right past us.He didn't see me because we were behind some bushes so I yelled on the top of my lungs because calum Michael And Luke know Ashton is my brother

"CALUM HELP ME!!!!GO GET ASHTON PELASE!!!!!"I then got slapped again and screamed out in pain I saw him dart in school

Ashton's POV

I was setting up for the party I'm having during break for my birthday when I saw calum run in breathless like he ran a mile and he tried talking but was way to fast

"Ashtonaliceisgettinghurtandshescreamedformetocomegetyou!"he said in one big breath

"Woah slow down"I chuckled

"Ashton Alice is getting hurt and she screamed for me to come get you!"that's when I dropped everything I was holding and told calum to show me where she was.He led the way to the front of the school behind bushes when I heard them rustling and a ear piercing scream

"ALICE!!!"I shrieked

"ASHTON PLEASE HELP ME!!"she sobbed I pushed past all of the bush and came face to face to who I thought were my friends pinning Alice down and beating her

"YOU MOTHER FUCKERS GET THE HELL OFF OF HER BEFORE I TEAR YOU GUYS APART!!!!"they then emedietly(I don't know if I spelt it right but oh well😉)stopped and jumped a little back taken by surprise

"Hey ash wanna help?"Harry asked


"Why not it's fun see!"he then. Slapped her making her cry out in pain.I pushed him over and pulled Alice into a hug as she cried in my chest.I hugged her but she didn't hug back,she was shaking and mumbling things like

'Im sorry!'or 'please no!ashton might see the bruise!'

I then pulled out of the hug to see every one with wide eyes except for calum.I then looke Alice in the eyes and she didn't blink

"Alice babe,can you hear me?"

She then flinched and said

"Please don't hurt me I'm sorry I didn't reply!"I looked at her and said

"Alice Rose Irwin I would never ever ever in a million years ever think about hurting you!"the boys gasped.She tried standing up but when she saw who was there with us she screamed and fell back into my lap

"DONT LET THEM HURT ME!!!"she screeched

"I won't shhh shhh it's ok"I then rocked her back and forth

"I love you ashy bear"she used our old nicknames.I smiled at her and said

"I love you to Ali bear "she smiled and drifted off to sleep.I picked her up bridal style and walked to the boys bathroom and I sat her down on the counter and pulled out the emergency first aid kit by the paper towels and woke her up

"Love,we need to clean you up"

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