Maybe He isnt So Bad...

Hi.Im Alice Irwin.I get Bullied a lot by people at school.I have a big brother,Ashton,who is older by a few months.our parents died when we were 16 from then on webbed lived with each other.People at school call me a nerd because I wear bow ties and ties and glasses.No one knows I'm Ashton's sister.I have a secret that only Ashton knows.Find out what it's is and read on


3. new me

Alice's POV

After that day the week flew by.Its now Friday morning and I'm getting ready.Last night I dyed my hair red(the movella red just a little darker) and now I'm wearing my two black snake bites,batman belly button piercing,mascara,eye liner in the form of a wing,black batman crop top with the symbol in the same red as my hair and black high waisted short shorts.When I was Done I ran downstairs and waited for Ashton,I had to yell because he didn't come


He came running down the stairs and looked at my outfit and said

"You look. Pretty I would say like a hot,sexy bad ass but your my little sister and that would sound wrong"

"Ok thanks?lets go!i want a piggy back ride you fucker!"

"Ok hop on"I got on his back and he carried me out.I saw the 5 idiots staring so I'm having some fun😉I whispered the plan in his ear.So we are going to act like a couple.So I started kissing his cheek and playing with his hair.I glanced over and they were surprised.We then got in his car and high fives

"Nice job!"

"You to now leggoooooo!!"

We then left for school.When we got out and in the hall me and Ashton were laughing and stuff.I heard a few whisper

'Whos she?'ashton left to look for his friends and I sexily walked past the five idiots. They wolf whistled and then Harry came up to me and said

"Hey babe,you new here?We saw you earlier with our friend.Is he your boyfriend?"

"Ummm no he is so not my boy friend!!"

"Oh...hmmm you are really hot😘"

"Ohh really last time I checked I was fucking ugly?!?!"

"Your sexy when your mad!"I sighed and said

"Do you know who I am?"

"No,but soon my last name is yours"

"Haha no😐you know exactly who-"the bell then rung.

"See ya soon Harry,Louis,Zayn,Niall and......fucker"referring to Liam"See ya in class!"

I then sashayed away to the class me and the 5 idiots share.Today the teacher did attendance

"Alice?"she scanned the room.I looked behind me and zayn said

'The little bitch is scared'he laughed.I raised my hand and said

"Umm but mrs.Jackson I'm right here?"

"You look different ms.Irwin"

"No shit Sherlock"

"There will not be any cussing in this class!"

"Oh really?it is my mouth and I say what I want to"no one ever stands up to mrs.Jackson,she's scary and she will call your parents so I don't have to worry.

"Give me your parents phone number now!!"

"I can't do that"

"Give it now!!!"

"Ok you asked,the last number they dialed was 999 before they got murdered so try that!you bitch I'm done!you get on my nerves every mother fucking second of every mother fucking day!"by now I was at her desk and she looked scared

I then walked back to my seat and every one stared

"Do I have shit on my face or some thing?!"they shook there heads.the rest of the day flew by.Its now lunch.Im looking for my brother.He must be outside.So I sat at a random table.Then the 5 idiots came and sat with me

"I like the new you"Liam said

"Ya"he then grabbed my waist and put me on his lap

"You should join our group"he moaned while kissing my neck.I nodded and grind on him

"Good,now do you want me?"i moaned as he sucked my neck and I nodded.

"Great because I want you let's go "

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