Maybe He isnt So Bad...

Hi.Im Alice Irwin.I get Bullied a lot by people at school.I have a big brother,Ashton,who is older by a few months.our parents died when we were 16 from then on webbed lived with each other.People at school call me a nerd because I wear bow ties and ties and glasses.No one knows I'm Ashton's sister.I have a secret that only Ashton knows.Find out what it's is and read on


4. Maybe He isn't So Bad...

Alice's POV

I started grinding on him more to where I felt a boner underneath me.I was still on his lap so he rubbed my thigh and went higher and higher.He started rubbing the inside.

"let's take this to yours"I moaned he nodded.He lives by himself because he didn't like his family.

"I will be right back"I told him. I then got up and started walking around the school looking for Ashton until I heard a girl in the boys bathroom.I walked in and Ashton was being pushed against a wall by the schools slut. He did NOT look like he wanted to be there so I walked up to her and said

"Hey bitch,can you move your Barbie ass for a second?"

"Umm no you slag"she then turned her attention back to Ashton and she started getting REALLY close to him

"Beep wrong answer bitch"I then pulled her off and grabbed Ashton and pulled him out

"Thank your soul"he sighed

"Ya ya your welcome I'm leaving and I will be home a little late"

"Ok,stay safe use protection"

"You know me so well love you bye"

"Love you too bye"I then walked back to Liam and grabbed his hand and dragged him out.We got in his car and drove away.Right when he opened the door to his flat I was being pushed against a wall as he shut the door with his foot. He smashed his lips against mine and roamed my body with his hands.I locked some of his hair in my fist and tugged.He put his hands under my bum and and moaned against my lips

"Jump" I did and rapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss.He started walking to his room and kicked the door open and walked in slamming it shut with his foot and walked over to his bed and set me down.He backed away and took off his shirt and we both had soo much lust in our eyes.I then stood up and stripped everything except my hot pink lace underwear and matching bra.He stared with wide eyes.I seductively walked up to him and grabbed the top of his jeans and said

"We don't need these"I then got on my knees and pulled them down.We were both standing there in our underwear.He then said

"You don't know how long I've been waiting"he said looking me up and down and biting his lip

"Oh me to"he then grabbed me and placed me on the bed.And he bent down to my waist and said

"We don't need these"mocking me. I nodded

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