Maybe He isnt So Bad...

Hi.Im Alice Irwin.I get Bullied a lot by people at school.I have a big brother,Ashton,who is older by a few months.our parents died when we were 16 from then on webbed lived with each other.People at school call me a nerd because I wear bow ties and ties and glasses.No one knows I'm Ashton's sister.I have a secret that only Ashton knows.Find out what it's is and read on


5. chapter 5

Alice's POV

After that you could say it got pretty heated

"Fuck Alice!"he moaned.Right now I had a hand on his hard member stroking it while the tip was in my mouth.

"Shit!"he moaned,I started to feel it twitch inside my mouth until the warm salty substance was gagging me,he gripped my hair and said

"Oh fuck keep going!"he then let out a throaty groan.

"Gag on me"and that's what I did.I then started to slowly let it out of my mouth and I sat up and licked my lips;I could see sooo much lust in his eyes.I then bent down and crawled on top of his chest and straddled him.I was still straddling him when I arched my back and bent down right on top of his face and I looked in his eyes and leaned in and my. Lips went to his for a deep hungry passionate kiss.I started to use my small. Hands and run my nails down his chest until I was by his abs.He let out a moan.I then didn't break the kiss and started tracing them until I got to the v line.I traced id down to his member and palmed him.He let out another throaty moan.I grabbed his balls and squeezed.I then broke the kiss and started peppering a trail of kisses down his cheek to his ear where I whispered

"Bye babe"I then got up got dressed and looked at him and he had wide eyes.He has never really been teased I could tell.I smiled blew him a kiss and wrote my number and a random piece of paper and put a note

Dear Liam,

Bye!heres my number-***-***-****

Love Alice❤️

I then left towards home

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