The Day Before Tomorrow

Ashleigh and Taliah have been best friends forever. They both love the same things and spend every day together, when Ashleigh moves in with Taliah does everything get better? or worse?
What happens when Taliah's cousin comes to visit, but he's not an 'ordinary' cousin, he's in the most famous boy band, One Direction. When the other boys come for a visit are there Heartbreaks? or fixed hearts?
One day, everything changes. Everything has been destroyed. Their house, city, country, world. Who survives?
Join Louis, Harry, Ashleigh, Liam, Taliah, Zayn and Niall in an extraordinary adventure.


1. Coffee and Teen Wolf.

Taliah's P.O.V

I was running, hard and fast. I was loosing my breath quick. I looked behind me and saw buildings falling down, smoke filled the ear, screams and cries were heard. I was shouting her name "ASHLEIGH! ASHLEIGH! ASHLEIGH! WHERE ARE YOU?!" I could feel my heart racing. I ran faster and faster. The ground started cracking beneath my feet. I heard her, I heard her voice. "Taliaaaah." In the distance. I turned and couldn't see her. 

"Taliah! Taliah!" I opened my eyes and saw Ashleigh shaking me. My heart was beating fast. It was dark outside. It was all a dream, "Are you okay? You were screaming and kicking." She said. I sat up next to her and she looked at me. 

"Just a bad dream." I mumbled. She rested her chin on my shoulder. I looked out the window and saw the city lights. Cars beeped. Ashleigh lived in the city, she always had that in her. She wasn't a country girl, she always liked the sound of cars racing around and bright lights shining in her room at night. That was her thing. 

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, I shook my head. She hugged me and I hugged her back. For a month now, I've been having the same dream over and over again, but somehow they changed. Sometimes its a fire or a tsunami, tonight it was an earthquake. I dont know why I'm having these dreams but Ashleigh has suggested me to go see a Councillor about it. I might consider it. 

Ashleigh's P.O.V

She's been having these dreams for a long time now, I'm getting really worried. I already booked her an appointment with Dr. Rowsky, the Councillor, but she doesn't know. Hopefully she wont get mad at me. These nightmares keep her up at night, once I wake her up she cant sleep again, she's terrified it will repeat, so she would go downstairs, make a coffee and watch movies. I went downstairs and joined her. I made a coffee for us and we stayed up talking, laughing and watching a whole season of Teen Wolf. She seemed a lot happier when I was there with her, and not when she was by herself. She always seemed like a zombie every morning. She never tells me what her dreams are about, and that's okay, it's not my business, but sometimes I just wish she would tell me. I felt Taliah watching me. I looked over at her and she turned her head fast to the TV screen. I frowned. 

"Taliah I need to tell you something." I said,she started laughing historically at the TV, even though it was a killing part. I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. 

"Why did you do that?" She asked, sitting up and staring at me, anger filled her face. I took a breath. 

"I really need to talk to you about something," I said, she rolled her eyes and got up off the couch, She walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboards to get food, "I booked you an appointment with Dr. Rowsky today." 

The moving of foods stopped. Everything went silent. I looked at her, half of her head was in the cupboard, looking for food, the other half was her hair, that's all I could see. I slowly saw her head move from the cupboard and look at me. 

"You did what?" She asked, calmly. But I could tell, she was not calm at all. 

Liam's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed texting Danielle. We had just started talking again, it has been a while. Niall and Louis were playing on my macbook. They were giggling at themselves and taking pictures. Louis always pulled westside. 

I heard Harry walking around downstairs singing away to Free Fallin' by John Mayer. I have no idea where Zayn was. 

"Liam! Look at your twitter!" Louis shouted, I shook my head. What has he done now?  I logged onto my twitter and the first thing that came up was a picture of Louis and Niall as my background, they laughed and ran out the room fast. They had also tweeted, "I am a loser who smells like poo." Nice Louis, so original. I quickly typed in "Hacked by Louis and Niall, sorry everyone." and pushed enter. 

As I was scrolling down my news feed I got a DM. I clicked on the little envelope in the corner of the screen and it was from my cousin Taliah. It's been a long time since I talked to her, a little too long. 

"Hey ya smelly poo! How are you?" She sent. I looked at it and smiled. 

"Hello Darling, I'm fine, how are you?" I replied. I got up off my bed and walked downstairs to the boys. I put my phone on the counter waiting for a response. I walked over to the couch, where Zayn was laying. 

"Oi Liam! Who's Taliah?" Louis shouted, the boys ran over and looked at my phone. I jumped up and tried snatching my phone of Louis but he kept moving. 

"She's pretty, who is she Liam?" Harry asked, I quickly took my phone out of Louis' hand. They all folded there arms and looked at me. I laughed. 

"She's my cousin. Harry wipe that smirk off your face, you're not dating her." I said, he put his head down and Louis gasped and placed his hand on Harry's back. 

"You've never mentioned her before." Niall said, I unlocked my phone and looked at the message, "I'm great, miss you though." 

"Well sorry, I just haven't seen her in such a long time." I sighed, looking at my phone. Her picture was all I could look at. Louis ran away fast, the boys followed. I messaged her back, "I miss you too babe, hopefully I'll see you soon." 

I walked around the house trying to find them. I heard laughter and talking from the office. I walked in and saw them on the computer on Taliah's twitter page. 

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, they turned around. Louis smiled at me. 

"We were just looking her up, she's very pretty Liam." He said, smiling wide. I narrowed my eyebrows. My phone beeped again, I looked at it. "Maybe you can stay here for a while? America is amazing!" I smiled. I looked up at the boys. 

"Pack your bags, we're going to America." I said, the boys smiled and ran out the room. 

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