I fell for you, why?

It was dark in the club and crowded, and all I could see was those particular brown eyes on me, watching my every move.

I didn't mean to, but I did
I don't know how it happened, it did
You let me in, you just did
I fell in love, I didn't want to but I did


4. chapter 4

Bang! My back pressed into the lockers, I glanced at the figure seeing if I knew who it was, but when I did I only regretted it. "Hi Babe" he smirked, my breath quickened, heart pumping i wouldn't be surprised if he could hear it. I didn't dear say anything, I wouldn't want to make him mad at me. "Not saying anything then?" He chuckled, what the fuck did he find so funny huh? Stalking someone and butting into someone life without there consent, I didn't say anything though. I kept my eyes peeled on the lockers in front of me. I felt his head lower to my neck, I sucked in my breath as his lips made contact with my neck, sucking and biting on it, marking me, I wanted to push him of me yell and scream at him, but it's no use, I couldn't risk the chance of him getting angry. I flinched slightly as he bit down on my already saw skin, though after he started leaving kisses over it, it felt nice NO! What am I saying? It's bad, he's bad! He brought his head back to my height, after he was satisfied with what he has done "your mine, only mine, might wanna tell your friend that before I do" he smirked and walked off like nothing happened. I feel to the floor, trying to factor what had just happened, I'm petrified to the max.

I don't know how long I was sitting there for but I finally managed to find the power to get up and walk back to class, I made sure I covered the mark with my hair so no one would notice, I'm not so lucky so I'm praying. After art I had Math, I liked math I was good at it, I liked my teacher to her name was Mrs Turner. Soon break came and I went and sat with the 'popular' guys again, though I don't care wether there popular or not, everyone else seems to have a fascination with labelling people, especially new kids. I'm sure I'd be like geek or wanna be or something like that, I'd bet you anything that they'd make it as bad as possible, It actually wouldn't surprise me at all.

I went and sat next to Niall again, his arm wrapped around me again, i felt my pocked buzz remember what I said? Your mine baby i looked around searching for those eyes, I couldn't find them anywhere, he scares the absolute shit out of me, I wish I'd never of met him that he didn't believe he owned me or that he could force his way into my life all of this against my will I decided it was time to be bold with him leave me alone I said he replied back with Princess, I'd be very careful what you say, wouldn't want to get punished would we? So now we have courage to talk? Id think very carefully about what you say sweet cheeks x a sudden gasp came tumbling out of someone's mouth, Robin looked at me in total shock I was totally confused by this point. "He's marked you" was all she could say and all she need to for me to know she was talking about Liam's 'your mine' mark on my neck "I had no choice" I said. She just kept starring at me in awe, like she was planning something "how long?" She asked "how long for what?" I asked dumbfounded, "Liam, how long?" She repeated, oh was all I could think "I met him last night" i said "he did the mark after break, during 3 period, I went to my locker to get my pencil case and he came out of nowhere, I didn't do anything in case it angered him" she looked at me with pity in her eyes, "he targeted my friend once, but she got out of it" hope slightly lit inside my body "how" I asked "she moved to Miami" and that burnt like a brick. She smiled at me sympathetically, that's the one thing I didn't need right now, sympathy.

The bell finally rang and I headed of to woodwork, yes woodwork. Can a girl not enjoy woodwork in peace? I had Mr Hemsworth, Robin had told me about him briefly, apparently he was hot, Australian and had a hot brother as well. He was definitely good looking and by the looks of it happy at least some girls were attending his class. I had so much fun I met a guy, his names Cody (he's Taylor Lautner {werewolf of twilight}) he's tanned, muscle, hot has a nice smile and is very charming and nice. He was telling me about his girlfriend Spencer (Spencer of Pretty Little Liars) tall, loves sport and books, intelligent, I was looking forward to meeting her. We swapped numbers, and kept talking till the bell signalled I would finally get to see my bed again.

As soon as I walked out the front gates it started pouring it down with rain great! "Need a lift" I knew that voice anywhere unfortunately. "No thanks" but he was putting up a fight "I insist" he said "i insist to decline" I moved my foot a step ahead before he grabbed my arm and I was swung around so I was sitting on the hood to his car in between his legs, bodies slightly to close for my comfort though I didn't get a say in the matter "I don't give a fuck if you don't want to, your coming with me and I'm dropping you home" angry obvious in his voice, he looked twice as scary good job Aria!

Liam being the gentlemen he is opened the pass anger door for me and I got in and he quickly scattered to his side and got in locking the doors so I wouldn't try and escape. Even though I didn't own a car I was on my L's so I knew how to drive. "Where do you live?" He questioned, I hated the fact that soon enough he was going to find out where I lived, it was bad enough he had my number "House?" He slightly yelled, obviously still angry about the events that took place only moments earlier "number 37 (turdy seven) Chestedy Springs" the engine revived into life scaring me slightly scaring me, he reversed and started driving. As we driving I took in my surroundings, sun shining, wind blowing, flowers waving, spring! I loved spring, it was so beautiful, perfect time to go on long walks and runs in the morning, wind hitting your face as you ran along, kinda like you were running with the sun. I didn't realise I was daydreaming so long until we pulled in front of my house, Liam got out and walked around to the passengers side of the car to open the door considering he locked it incase of an escape. I got out walking straight up to my door, fiddling around my bag until an object was felt that resemble my keys. Finally opening the door, but before I could close it Liam's foot was there he spoke " we're going out tonight, wear somethin' sexy" he smiled and walked away before another word could be spoken. I slammed the door and threw my bag to the floor and made my way up stairs to my bed and collapsed on it and all I could think was I hate him I hate him until I fell asleep.

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