I fell for you, why?

It was dark in the club and crowded, and all I could see was those particular brown eyes on me, watching my every move.

I didn't mean to, but I did
I don't know how it happened, it did
You let me in, you just did
I fell in love, I didn't want to but I did


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Fuck my life, whys it always me?

"Well well, hi sweet cheeks" his smirk plastered to his face like it was cement. It made me won't to slap it right of his face. Ugh I just starred at the floor until he decides to take his stupid smirk and his blazing brown eyes and go to hell "what's up sweet cheeks, you're not talking" I felt him stare at me whilst I starred at the floor, ignoring his gaze whenever I could. He took my timetable, "looks like we have first period together" and the smirks back "I'll see you in a minuet babe" and with that he walked off. Fuck, I wish he'd leave me alone, gosh I hate him so much.

I continued walking to biology, enjoying peace in my own personal bubble drifting into daydream. I wondered carelessly into class up to my teacher, he wasn't bad looking, sexy look (Zayn) so handsome, a cough interrupted me, the teacher, I blushed "sorry, I'm new here my names Aria Collins" "ah miss Collins" he smiled "my names Mr Malik, please take a seat" I smiled and sat down. I couldn't concentrate I hated the fact that Liam could invade my mind like that, it was bad enough he was in my life. My thoughts were interrupted by a bang, the classroom door was swung open. And there stood the person I least wanted to see Liam Payne. "Nice to see you decided to join us today mr Payne" he sighed " well I only wanted to see the new girl" he smirked, oh how one day I'm going to smack him, just then all eyes were on me burning holes as I breathed. "Leave Aria alone Liam and sit down" he gave me a sympathetic look, I just smiled.

Liam began walking down the rows patronisingly slow, eating out my insides hoping he didn't sit next to me in the back, I never was a lucky person "hello Miss Aria" he looked at me I just looked away disgusted "leave me alone Liam" I didn't bother looking at him, though everyone did aw in shock, what? Was there something on my face? Million questions shooting through my head "don't be so uptight babe" he just laughed "don't be such a dick babe" I mimicked, I heard a slight chuckle from the front of the classroom, mr Malik was my favourite teacher so far, I just smiled at Liam and looked away "now, now there's no need to be rude sweet cheeks" "now, now piss off" ? I smile everyone was gawking at us, like what was with it seriously? Anyway I ignored him for the rest of the lesson.

As I was walking down the hallway, I bumped into someone and I prayed with all my might it wasn't persistent perverted stalker, his new nickname. I landed on my ass, "OMG I'm so sorry I'm always bumping into people" he apologised "it's alright" he extended his arm and as I rose I caught a glimpse of his features, blond hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, cute as a button and judging by his freaking hot accent, he was Irish. I didn't realise I was staring until he coughed "I'm sorry" I looked down and blushed "nah I'm the one whose sorry" he smiled " hey what do you have next?" "Uh drama you?" "Drama" "yes! I'm not going to be alone in this class" I smiled it made him chuckle "shall we go?" "We shall" I replied. With that we walked to drama. I noticed something strange, everyone was watching me as I accompany the handsome male, some girl could've burnt me down if looks could kill, all I could see was envy and jealousy, that reminded me "hey, so I never caught your name" I smiled "Niall" he smiled as he once again extended his hand to me "Aria" I said as I shook it.

"Hey Niall, can I ask you a question?" I asked "yeah go for it" he smiled "so, I was wondering what's the deal with Liam, Liam Payne" I asked he slightly tensed but replied; "he's no good for you, he's always getting into fights, he's slept with half of the female population, apparently he's killed someone. He's trouble, keep as far away as you can" " o-okay" that may be the reason people were staring. " so what about you?" I asked "what about me" he said "well, if looks could kill i would certainly be dead I assure you" he laughed "I'm popular " he said, I wasn't sure he said It with pride or embarrassment, he's still mysterious character if you ask me. " are you sure you want to be friends with the new girl?" I laughed, he didn't take much of it as a joke though " we'll be fine" i left it at that as we went to drama. I repeated the introduction, now I have Miss Peazer, she was really nice, she said I could learn from Niall. I'm am so lucky and grateful that Liam is nowhere to be found.

Break came quicker than I hoped, but Niall introduced me to his friends, there was; Louis, Eleanor, Robin and James (I picture James as Channing Tatum and Robin as Selena Gomez). I said my hellos and sat down. From my perspective, I could see the perfect point of the sun, not too much on, not to much off, perfect. I watch the oval as the wind calmly flows through, a nice spring breeze, the flowers dance like on the field, it was simply beautiful. That was until my eyes lay upon a human being which I regretfully even participated in any activity that concerns his humanly life form. He was sitting in a group by a tree on the oval, his eyes watching me like I'm some sort of prey. His eyes lock with mine for a brief moment, I feel my breath quicken, panting, heart rate almost so it's beating out of my chest. His eyes lay upon the human life form on which arm lays around my shoulder, almost killing Niall with his mind for touching something that doesn't belong to him, he's wrong though, nothin of myself or my friends own a thing to this creature, he has no control over my life or myself, he was doing the exact same thing at the club, and I want to do the exact same thing to him at the club, strangle him, Niall knocked me out of my dream which contented of ways that I could kill Liam, a little harsh I know, but still, he doesn't deserve to think he owns me in some kind of way, "you 'right R?" He said, it was cute, he had a nickname for me, I smiled "yeah just perfect" we both smiled

The bell went signalling it was the end of break and time for art. I dragged my feet along the concrete and made my way to art. My art teacher was Mr Styles, why the hell do I have to live with all these handsome teachers why the hell me? I thought. I had to excuse my self form art class as I forgot my pencil case in my locker, I was walking down the corridor, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was following me, it kinda felt like when persistent perverted stalker was eying me down, undressing me with its eyes, I just focused on getting the books out of my bag when all of a sudden..........

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