I fell for you, why?

It was dark in the club and crowded, and all I could see was those particular brown eyes on me, watching my every move.

I didn't mean to, but I did
I don't know how it happened, it did
You let me in, you just did
I fell in love, I didn't want to but I did


2. chapter 2

Chapter 2

I woke up to a message

Morning beautiful, sleep well? X

All the memories came back like a flood, more like a tornado. I came to hope those burning brown lustful eyes were just a nightmare and weren't actually out to rape me

I forgot his name, maybe if I pretend to forget his name he'll tell me? Worth a shot

Sorry, who is this?

This is Liam, Liam Payne

Oh was all I could say

We met last night, you remember! Anyway I'll be seeing you later ;) x when will this nightmare end?

I didn't reply, I groaned instead, why is the world out to get me? I get good; grades! Is this because I've never been good with boys or had a serious relationship before?

I forgot to unpack last night, guess I'll be doing it later then. Probably wondering what I'm going on about? We'll you see I just moved here with my mum from Liverpool to Wolverhampton, mum got transferred here. Dad left ages ago for some women. Broke mum in three, I've hated him ever since but he still claims he loves me. Bull shark!

Anyhow I did everything I possibly could to get my mum to let me stay with my uncle in Liverpool, so I could stay with my best mates - Mark, Ezra, Harley, Spencer and Ruby, they mean the world to mean, they're my saviours. But no, I have to be the new girl again!

People look at me and think I'm some girly girl goody - goody, but I'm not! There's more to me than meets the eye! I love BMXing, sport because I'm a good runner, football (soccer) I am pretty much one of the guys and they treat me like the guys too! Rubs and Spence are more girly like shopping and nails, I get dragged along unfortunately!

Anyhow my names Aria Collins bout 5'8 my hairs brown with chestnut blond tips, I'm more jeans, shorts and tanks, I do own dresses though. I don't look like my parents, there both short and blond, I'm like my uncle, you may mistake me for being his child were so alike. Brown hair, muscles and tanned, sporty. He's the one who got me into BMX and taught me all I know, he's more of a dad to me than my actual dad was.

Blabbering, sorry. The sunlight soaked my room with light, I looked at my alarm clock 6:30 I wish I didn't start school today. I gathered the strength in my legs, just enough to carry me to the bathroom. I turned the water and when the temperature rose to the warmness i desires so desperately I stepped in. The heat hit me like a ton of bricks, I didn't realise how cold I was until now. I coaxed my hair in my strawberry shampoo and condition and ran my hands through my hair until I was satisfied that it was out.

I stepped out of the shower as the cold air hit me, scrimmaging to find my fluffy blue towel, I soon located the item and wrapped to tight around my body, I left my window open, that's where the breeze came from.

I picked out a pair of skinny jeans, a whit shirt saying "living free", my black boots and also under garments. After my clothes discovered my body I settled on finding my favourite pair of hoop earrings. I didn't want people to get a bad impression, I didn't care but I had a sense of fashion every once in a while.

I walked down the hallway and carried my feet down the stair case, careful not to trip, I usually would. I smells good, bacons and egges, mums actually home, she usually isn't because she travels weeks on end, It was nice to have her home. Sometimes I thought she'd prefer to have Spencer or Ruby as her daughter, because there actually girly and like shopping, my mother and I may love each other but we don't have a very good connection, I didn't with either parent, I spent all my time with my Uncle Keith.

A plate was places I front of me whilst bacon invaded my nostrils.

"Morning Hun" she said "sleep well" "yeah thanks" I smiled "unpack" she turned around "no, got home late, I'll do it later"

I walked to school considering it was 5 minuets away. As I was walking down the street my skin soaked in the suns heat, my face held of the winds power. It was peaceful seeing the birds flying around, kids playing around. It was like those perfect moments in movies. I soon landed my self in front of my new school Brentwood High (made up) it was clear on the sign that layer motionless on the post.

I was already having stares of people, curiosity taking full control of the bodies and vision as they starred in awe at the new figure entering there land. I ignore yen looks and was wondering around looking for the office, that was until my eyes laid upon a door that red 'ADMINISTRATION" I headed through the new door, mind wondering what may lay upon my entrance.

My eyes lay upon an older figure sitting behind a desk, might as well ask I thought. "Sorry to interrupt, but I'm new here my name Aria Collins" she looks up, wide smile "ah yes miss Collins, here is your timetable and the map of the school, if you need help, we're always available" she smiles and hands me multiple sheets of paper

I walk out the same door I entered. I look through the jumbled pieces of paper and stumble upon my timetable, first period Biology great! I looked at the map and continued heading in the same direction, that was until I bumped into someone, I looked up to apologise, as soon as I did I wish I didn't, my heart beat rapidly quickened, my body froze and my head kept repeating SHIT! Over and over again

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