He Looks So Perfect

After Veronica and her friends Denise, & Eliza go out they run into Michael Clifford!!! Nervously following him around L.A. Veronica gains the courage to talk to him & finds out they have a lot in common. After talking they develop a relationship & she introduces her best friend Denise to his mates.


8. Chapter 8

Veronica could see the excitement and fear in Denise's face as Ashton walked over. "Hey what's up?" Ashton said casually "I wanted to introduce you to my date Veronica and her friend Denise." "Hey Nice to meet you guys." Ashton said with a big smile on his face. "Hey nice to meet you too." Veronica said looking at Denise with an evil grin. "Hey." Denise said trying her best not to blush, fangirl, and scream. "Well we gotta go Luke wants to talk about some band stuff." Ashton said patting Michael's back. "See ya" Denise said pulling Veronica with her "I'll text you." Michael said smiling "You better." Veronica said as she winked at him "Denise is pretty cute." Ashton whispered loudly to Michael as they walked away "Did you hear that!" Veronica yelled when they boys where far enough. "Yes!" Denise said covering her face with her hands. "Let's get to the car." Veronica said pressing the cross walk button."It's pretty late." Denise said looking at her phone "What time is it?" "It's 11:35." "Holy shit. I thought it was 9:30ish"Veronica said chuckling. When they finally got to the metro parking Eliza was sitting on the floor next to the car on her phone. "Eliza why did you leave Denise alone?" Veronica questioned "Because you left me." "I left you with Denise and to be honest i didn't think this was going to happen." "Well it did and I'm upset, just take me home." "If anyone should be upset it should be Denise not you." "I don't care! You got to go and hangout with HIM!" "Is that what this is really about!?" Veronica said starting to get annoyed "I don't know?" "Eliza you have to know what you're talking about, don't play dumb." "I like Michael!" Eliza shouted "You don't even know him." Veronica said feeling the frustration build up "I don't care i like him a lot." Eliza said starting to cry. "You said you liked Luke." Denise said quietly "I know what I said i do like him but I Like Michael too." "You should've told me." Veronica said still annoyed "Well now you know. So stop liking him." "I'm not going to do that." "Why not? I don't want to be your friend anymore if you still like him." "Are you fucking kidding me!? Just because things aren't going your way you don't want to be friends?!" "Yes! That's exactly what I'm saying!" "Fine, good luck finding a ride home." Veronica said seriously

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